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Following Up.

Thank y’all so much for your kind words and encouragement about our Painting Project. I have a few answers and follow-ups to share today.

First, y’all were not the only ones to notice Dissent, drying on the floor.

It’s now safely folded up in my closet, awaiting a day I put on “real clothes” (I think the last time I did that was Thanksgiving?) for a modeled shot.

Bonny asked about “before” and I do have a pretty recent photo of the play roomfrom just after I packed up all the yarn and fabric.

When we put the room back together, we switched the bookcases (and moved that middle piece to the basement) and the desk. Yesterday Marc hung the racks for me and today I unpacked the bins. This room is finished for now (one down, a bunch to go!)
Most of my single-skein stash is hanging on the wall (and single-ball stash is mostly in that fabric bin sitting by the bookcase). The rest of my stash is loose on the top two shelves. and you know, I have to say, having it on display like this is probably the best motivation to “shop my stash”. I bought every single skein up there with a plan in mind for a sweater, a shawl, mittens, something!

Also, I’m really glad I could fit all of it up there. and it’s only because the 14 balls of Léttlopi are now in my knitting bag. I am ready to cast on Great Love!I was actually ready to cast on yesterday. until I checked my Ravelry notes for Big Love (same yarn and stitch pattern – I wasn’t planning to swatch) and … oops! … I didn’t record the needle I used! I went back through my blog, my journals, and nope, couldn’t find any mention anywhere. I did, however, find a clue in this WIP photo.I am pretty sure that’s a metal tip on the Knitter’s Pride needle that’s peeking out. I’m also pretty sure I only have one needle that could be. a size 7 32″ Karbonz. I hope I’m right! and I will do a better job going forward with my project notes 🙂

Happy Wednesday, friends … just two more days til the weekend!!


  • Juliann

    Your play room looks like a fun place to be. I love the yarn display ideas but I would worry about moths. I have my yarn in extra large zip lock bags. On my 2021 wish list is a sewing table that my machine will fit into – the drop down sort – so I will have a better space around the machine for quilting. I have a bit of research to do.

  • Bonny

    Your room is so nice and bright, and I love how you can see your yarn! Like Juliann, I’m afraid of moths and carpet beetles (having suffered with them once before), so my yarn has to be stored in ziploc bags. Dissent is lovely and Holly likes it, too!

  • Sarah

    Holly has such good taste in sweaters! I really appreciate this peek into your “play room” and am a bit jealous, if I’m honest, about your organization. Even though I’ve recently done a bit of reorganization in my stash room, it’s still a bit messy and not at all inspiring to look at (with good reason — everything is stored away from the moths!).

  • Kat

    Bonus points for matching your sweater to Holly! LOL That is just adorable! 🙂

    And go you on that room! It looks awesome!! (I am also sending some “yes, thats the right needle” juju your way… the hour of risky knitting has arrived! LOL)

  • Carolyn

    Excellent sleuthing, Mary! I can see that Great Love would become a daily sweater for me in no time! Enjoy that refreshed space! Isn’t it energizing?!

  • Carole

    Oooh, I really like that Great Love pattern. We always think we will remember things like needle size, don’t we? I’m with you, I need to take better notes.

  • Vera

    Your Play Room looks fabulous Mary (even with a dog sitting on a sweater – lol). I love seeing your yarn all out and confess I didn’t even think of moths….I love the idea of hanging yarn on the wall – great art!!

    Good luck with the rest of the rooms and Great Love looks like the kind of sweater I could wear every day!

  • Debbie

    Your “play” room looks great, everything looks so neat and organized and you have wonderful light. I love the picture of Holly…she matches your new sweater!

  • karen

    well now, I am inspired to knit more just by looking at your improved craft room! I love the hanks hanging on the wall beckoning to be knit up!!

  • Jane

    Your play room is lovely. I do think an organized space makes me calmer. Now and then it is good to see all the stash. I pulled out a bin of fingerweight yarn this last week. Just seeing it sparked some creative ideas. Enjoy.

  • Alexa

    What a beautiful space you have created … hoping you really enjoy being in it. Great detective work on identifiying that needle size – taking lots of photos obviously has a pay-off :).