Just Life

A Shoutout to Sara.

Something very cool happened on Friday. Sara’s friend Rachael Horovitz had an article published in Rolling Stone

The “young creator” referenced in the title is … Sara! Even for folks who know nothing about Homeland, the article is a fun glimpse into a world I’m guessing most of my readers know little about. Of course, I’m one of Sara’s biggest fans, and not at all unbiased 😉 so when I get to read things like

Auburn-haired with arresting blue eyes, she resembles a grown-up Angela Chase, the complicated teenager Danes played in her breakout show, My So-Called Life. Yet, her beguilingly enigmatic online persona, sara, is outspoken AF.


Like Carrie Mathison, sara is whip-smart, witty, singularly focused, and obsessed with the truth.

(and I know the same is true for Sara) … well. It’s pretty cool.

Also, I cannot recommend HY Homeland highly enough if you’re even remotely interested in the show. The podcast is a fun listen, too, but likely only for “fans” (unless you want to hear what I sound like … I made guest appearances in episodes 34 and 43).

I’ve been pleased to see that HY Homeland is still going even though the show ended in April. for sure it’s a tribute to the superfans, the community, and its founder. Shoutout to Sara!

also, I just love this photo … it’s so different from the ones we capture with our cameras and yet…. it’s so totally her!

Happy Monday y’all and here’s to having the best week available that’s just 11 days before Christmas.

(in other news, the painters are gone. the house has been mostly put back together. we are still are hanging pictures. I’m convinced figuring out what to hang … and then actually hanging it is the real test of coupledom. so far we’re passing … more later!)