Just Life


I purposefully cleared my calendar for today. this introvert knew she’d need ALONE time to process things. THINGS. I planned a whole playlist of podcasts

to accompany the stockinette knitting

and that worked for a few hours.

Then after a most-diverting FaceTime, I settled in with the lesson I agreed to lead for Thursday’s women’s group. This year we are studying about Lament. and this month’s lesson is about women’s lament. about how we bear the burden of lament. about how we teach it to our daughters (and sons). and y’all. the scriptures are thousands of years old. and they still teach such sadly relevant lessons. I shed a few tears. reached out to a trusted friend about how far I could go … and she encouraged me to share this video.

I finished reading The Women of Brewster Place yesterday. It was a 4-star book for me when I finished it. but after seeing this video … wow.

That wasn’t quite the note I wanted to end on, but it I guess it’s gonna be.

waiting. watching. hopeful.





  • Katie @ The Cozy Burrow

    What a gorgeous group of voices – thank you for sharing this video! When I think about the centuries of resistance that has led to this moment in our country, I am awestruck. The strength that it took to get us here is inspiring.

    I’m thinking of you in GA today as the final votes are counted.

  • Sarah

    I can’t deny that I am scared. But this video put things in perspective for me. Things have been so much worse, and are so much worse, for many people. There are so many issues with our system, but they largely don’t impact me — I have a lot of privilege. I can still be angry and fight for those who don’t share my privilege, though. Whatever happens, we need to focus on overcoming it.

  • Bonny

    Thanks for that moving video. The young man that speaks in the beginning has such a calming, wonderful voice and the song brought me to tears. I had “Tyrants Always Fall” by The Nields in my ears for much of yesterday and “We Shall Overcome” is a welcome respite. Waiting, watching, and hoping with you.