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TGIF | Mid-November.

this morning’s dark early view. that photo on the left is a favorite of me, Sara, and Katie from August 2001. a family reunion on the Gulf Coast to celebrate my folks’ 40th wedding anniversary. I’d framed the photo for my grandmother; she passed away the following year and I’m glad it came back to me. As I type this post, the afternoon sun is coming through the window in front of me and the stained glass frame looks like sunshine.

Happy Friday! not gonna lie, I was a little worried about another Friday the 13th in 2020, and so far *knocks on wood* it’s been ok. maybe even better than ok. So I’m going to allow myself to breathe out just a bit … and TGIF.

Thinking about … updating our house. Over the summer, we toyed with moving – maybe to a nearby lake, maybe into Atlanta closer to Katie’s family – and ended up deciding to stay … for a few more years. Marc’s still playing golf and I’m now playing tennis at an affiliated club. We can handle all the stairs (this is not a little deal – there are a LOT of stairs). My mom, sister, and brother all live close. Instead, we’re having the inside of the house painted (a two week project beginning November 30 ). and that’s giving us the perfect opportunity to sort through things, rearrange (furniture, rugs, paintings), and refresh! Since our next house will be smaller, we are not buying anything new (well, maybe except some bedding and pillow covers 😉 ) Ever since I started spending so much time in my study, I’ve wanted to have the desk face the window. On Tuesday, Marc and I played around with that.

Five hours later we’d moved the rug and the desk, switched out a chest for a hutch (which involved carrying heavy furniture up and down stairs … not fun!) and I’d sorted/packed a lot of books and other things. Bottom right is my view Wednesday morning. Yesterday, we shuffled more tables (and lamps – not in this room) and the other three photos are what it looks like now. I really do LOVE having a clean desk. There’s a drawer in the hutch that’s perfect for my laptop/iPad and all the chargers (when not in use).

and I obviously need more room for books (the swap of the chest for the hutch was a step in that direction … I need a bigger step!) Good thing there’s an empty spot behind my desk!I ordered a “rose gold” book cart from Michaels (curbside pickup … it’s ready!) and here’s a sneak peek at the paint color we’re going with.

Grateful for … a wonderful doubles partner to score a WIN! in my first tennis match in … too many years! Yep, I played a match – yesterday – for reals – and we won 6-1, 6-4. My partner had the lob that I always hated playing against. and I played AD, so every game we won against our opponents was a point I made (and I served four games and lost two on double faults 🙁 ).

Inspired by … the weather forecastto get serious about the sweater knitting. Well, as much as I can given the house stuff and the tennis stuff (y’all, it is absolutely wonderful to have “other stuff” – I hope you do, too!)

I took this photo on Wednesday morning (thinking I’d join Kat’s Unraveled Wednesday … unraveled plans obviously)This is JiJi  (ravelry link)… and I am happy to report that now the sleeves are done, the neckband is done, and the buttonhole band is almost done. Just a little focus (a button band, blocking, two sleeve seams, and buttons) and I can be wearing this … soon!

Finished. Socks for my mom. (ravelry link)I delivered them yesterday … and enjoyed a lovely catchup on her sidewalk/porch. Given that weather forecast, I’m sure she’ll try them out next week – perfect timing!

Wishing y’all the best weekend available to you … what “stuff” is distracting you these days?





  • Juliann

    I love moving furniture! I think I have moved my desk about 5 times in the last few months but I keep going back to the arrangement where it looks out the window because the view is lovely. Congrats on the tennis!

  • Bonny

    All of your”stuff” is interesting! That’s one nice thing about having the MD house – it’s tiny and we bought very little furniture so it feels much more open and non-cluttered. I can highly recommend buying another house and starting over! Congratulations on the tennis, finished socks, and fall weather. What’s distracting me is all the leaves I need to rake today. Most of them are down now so maybe I’ll wrestle the big leaf vacuum around the yard. I think I will deserve a day of rest when that chore is done.

  • Kat

    Very good things indeed, Mary! (and you just reminded me exactly why I like the library… no worries for where will more books go!) I like your paint choice and your desk move! LOVELY!!

  • Sarah

    I fully expect to see you wearing your Jiji tomorrow in our Zoom!

    I’m always amazed by how much a fresh coat of paint can change the look of a house. I think the white will really lighten things up. I’m sure in a few years you and Marc will both want a smaller place with fewer stairs, but it sounds like staying put for now is a good plan.

    • Carolyn

      Oooh, Mary, this is one of my favorite kinds of posts! You might know from my own recent rearrangings that I love a good refresh of Home. I’m excited for you to get your WHOLE HOUSE repainted! So glad you picked your white. I’ve never regretted our Swiss Coffee–although, I have noticed it looks entirely different in my teeny tiny library than it does in our adjacent bedroom. Lighting, of course. But happy with it in both settings.
      Happy projecting to you two !
      And P.S. I love that your space is your ‘study’ and not ‘office.’ Something so much more intentional about that…at least to me. Oh, the power of words!

  • Carole

    Your study looks great and I hope it will inspire you to spend even more time in there. I love the paint color you chose, too. Our house is very old and our ability to move furniture around is pretty limited, you are lucky to have options!

  • Alexa

    Nothing like a furniture move and a new coat of paint to make us feel refreshed! Your room looks spacious and calm … Hoping you really enjoy it. Many congrats on the tennis win and almost finishing that pretty grey cardie – lovely shade. Your Mum is lucky to have socks knitted for her :). “Down-sizing” is always a tricky decision, especially when it involves thinking about which bits of the family to be closer to. I’m still distracted by the unresolved political situations there and here – we have our own maelstrom brewing, alas.

  • karen

    we are talking about where out future will be and it will not be in this house. The kids are gone and the ties to the town are now freed since he retired. It’s fun thinking about the possibilities and no we are not following children, they will be moving more than once probably.

  • Debbie

    Congrats on the tennis win! I had the outside of my house painted last year and am on a long waiting list to get the inside painted…hopefully next year! I really like the color you chose. Hope you have a great week!

  • Vicki

    I can’t imagine having my entire house repainted at once, but it sure sounds exciting! We are DIYers to the core — and, especially since Rusty learned from his grandpa (a professional painter), it will never happen at my house! This all just reminds me that I need to make some time for clearing out some of the physical clutter in my house! It feels so good to do that — and rearrange things!

  • Vera

    Rearranging and re-painting can be so nice. I don’t want to say fun because, you know, I don’t want to paint. But if someone else does it – fabulous! Have fun.

  • kym

    We’ve been doing a lot of rearranging and sorting-through here at our house, too, Mary. I think that spending so much time at home . . . just gets you in the mood to change things up! We’re actually planning a renovation of our entire basement level — to put in a “formal” and permanent home gym and also a beer-brewing/tasting room (because some day we WILL be able to entertain again). But actual work plans are on hold for the time being — because we’re not eager to have workers in the house until the Covid numbers get back under control again. (Sigh.)

    Anyway. Your knitting looks intriguing (and I love the striping on your mom’s socks). And BRAVO to you and your doubles partner! XO

  • Jane

    Thanks for the peek at your study. We have an ongoing discussion at our house. I like clean clear spaces – the less clutter the better. My husband likes to have things out and handy. Choosing paint colors is a challenge but it looks like you are up to it. Best of luck.

  • lydia

    My “work” desk/sewing table faces the street and I get to watch to sun rise as I’m getting ready for the day to start. Yea on the tennis wins!