Just Life

Celebrating Charlie & Sam.

Our two-week quarantine following Sara’s visit ended last Friday and we celebrated on Saturday. in real life. with our favorite just-turned-six-year-old.

Almost two weeks had passed since his birthday, so he’d finished assembling his Big Present.This is a Batmobile, constructed from 3,000+ LEGOs. The instruction manual is nearly an inch thick. Katie reports that he was often up at 5am to work on it before school. I think the thing itself is impressive, but my favorite part is how proud Charlie is of his accomplishment!

Our gift was a modest 1,000-ish piece camping set (I love that there’s a fishing pole and a fish!), complete with an RV. Sam grabbed right onto that idea and proceeded to build one himself.I’m not sure he’s even seen an actual RV, but he totally gets that the bed and the table (with under-counter cabinets) are part of the same structure, and that there are windows 🙂

Dessert was an apple crisp with ice cream … and for the birthday boy, a candle.

On Sunday, we rested. and then on Monday, Sam came to play. We think this might be the first time Sam’s been here on his own since he was a baby. and we had a blast. The “boys” started out with water, bubbles, and the pressure washer (two clean cars FTW). We progressed to gardening (now that Sam knows deer eat “all of Poppa’s vegetables”, he’s convinced they need to leave tomatoes, instead of carrots, for Santa’s reindeer). then to the playground (we were the only ones there and wow, it was fun! Sam’s favorite is still the swing, but he does love to climb). a movie on Poppa’s iPad for quiet time. Junior Monopoly (nobody won). and finally matchbox cars with puzzle-board pile-ups.

Whew! and wow, it’s been seven weeks since Marmie & Poppa camp and yep, we were a little out of shape 😉

Game on, now, though. They’re coming for a sleepover in two weeks. We’ll be ready!







  • karen

    so glad you are back with the boys! I doubt you are out of shape, your memory is fading at the amount of energy the boys take 😉 (ha ha ha!)

  • Sarah

    Those boys’ smiles make me so happy! Those two weeks seemed to go really quickly from my perspective (and I hope from yours as well); I know how hard it must’ve been for you to be away from those kiddos for all that time. Better rest up for that sleepover now!

  • Bonny

    Six is a wonderful age, but I think I used to say that about almost any age my kids had reached. Charlie and Sam both look like grown up young men, and I’m glad to see that boys still enjoy all sorts of toys and crashing Matchboxes. I don’t know what I’m most impressed by – the focus required to put together a 3,000-piece Batmobile or getting up at 5 am to do it!

  • Carolyn

    There’s something so extra-special about solo time with grandparents…I felt it from the time I was little until I lost my Gram in my mid-twenties. Nothing compared. And now I see it when, every summer, each of my three kids has that one-on-one time with my parents. (And I also know it gives them a good workout!!) Here’s to happy times with your boys!!

  • lydia

    Wow-that Bat mobile is impressive! Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with for the next sleepover, and am sure it will be tons of fun.

  • Patty

    Very impressive Charlie! My guess is the age on that LEGO box was a bit older than six! Glad Sam has his solo visit-I also remember having them at my grandmother’s and it was the best.

  • Alexa

    Gosh, that’s a great achievement to have made the Batmobile from al those Lego pieces! An engineer in the making … Delighted you’ve had such a nice time together (and yes, it’s all go, isn’t it!); I really miss my grandsons, who’ve had to cancel their October trip here due to Covid-19. A great mix of helping-the-adult activities and pure messing-about-in-the-park – I remember having wonderful conversations about life, the universe and everything.

  • Jane

    Like Karen, I seriously doubt that you are out of shape. Keeping up with boys takes a lot of energy. Waiting through a quarantine period is such a good idea. Perhaps it makes the family time all the sweeter. Cute handsome boys.