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TGIF | Hello September.

Tuesday morning at my desk. Charlie turns six next week and that both surprises me (wow, already?, HOW?!) and feels perfectly normal (wow, he’s just turning SIX?) also, note that photo is from last October (yep, he looks WAY older now 😉 )

In the Before Time, I welcomed each month with a T-G-I-F post. I remember thinking hard about the things I’d highlight and the words I could use to represent them. I got pretty creative (thanks to googling things like “positive words that start with I”). The “original” concept (loosely termed because I’m sure no one can actually claim it) was Thinking About – Grateful for – Inspired by – and Fun. and for my first pandemic Hello post, I’m going with the original:

Thinking about TENNIS. Honestly, I’m even more surprised than y’all. My tennis career began in the late 1990’s (both of my girls were playing in junior leagues and I joined two adult leagues – all tennis all the time was kind of the thing in our house those days – we even bought our first and only mini-van so working-mom me didn’t have to stress about getting the whole junior team to a match on a weekday afternoon because I could drive everyone myself) and ended in the mid 2000’s … I can’t even remember why I stopped playing but I’m sure part of it was because I wasn’t very good and it was a weekend thing (“business women’s” matches were on Sunday afternoons) and weekends needed to be for other things. Fast forward 15 years and I have time and space … and a real need for connection and outdoor activity. My sister has been playing all these years and she’s excited. There are public courts mid-way between us and we are thinking a mid-week meet-up across the net would be just the thing. not to mention that I could also meet-up with Katie. Stay Tuned!

Grateful for the knitting (and crocheting). Last month wasn’t a very productive month in terms of output, but I did a LOT of work with my crochet hook … and in my head, my journal, my on-line shopping, and my stash! September should see at least a few finishes!

clockwise from upper left – Sam’s Afghan, Cooper’s Cardigan, Joji Fall KAL, SOCKS!!, Fine Lines (ravelry link)

Inspired by Morgan Harper Nichols (as always) and did y’all know she recorded a podcast with Kate Bowler? it always amazes me when two folks I follow online – seemingly completely unrelated to each other – show up together!

from Instagram

Fun … Sara is flying stateside for a short visit!! she arrives tomorrow evening and I am BEYOND EXCITED. yes it means laying REALLY low for a few weeks, but we’ve been doing it, and it’s going to be fine. not to mention SARA. HOMELAND. puzzles, cocktails, tennis, YouTube, steaks, new playlists, walks in the park, porch/deck visits with family…. ONE MORE SLEEP!

and on that very upbeat note – September, I am saying Hello with open arms and an open heart.

To all of you, best wishes for a good weekend, and a good month.


  • April

    Mary, another beautiful post! What a positive way to start the month. Thank you for pointing me to Morgan Harper Nichols. So exciting that your Sara will be home for a visit. Have a wonderful time!

  • Carolyn

    This is such a refresher after the week we just had! (Sick teenager….negative COVID, thank God —-and negative meningitis. But definitely not fun!) . Your post was a real pick-me-up. Thank you 🙂 Enjoy your ‘together time’!!

  • Ruthanne

    Such a great post. I love reading about your activities and the other places you go and the things you do and enjoy. I’m counting down to retirement and looking toward the things I can do! Have fun with Sarah!

  • Alexa

    So excited for you! I know what it means to spend time with a much-loved daughter – hoping it’s wonderful and nourishing for you both :). Thank-you for the positive energy too: we need to keep it flowing between us all these days!

  • Sarah

    Wait a minute, weren’t you just saying tennis was a hard no? 😉

    I hope you have a wonderful visit with Sara — looking forward to hearing all about it next week!

  • Bonny

    I wish you a wonderful, happy visit with Sara! I don’t remember how long it’s been since you’ve seen her, but I haven’t seen Ryan since his accident last October, and I ache to give him a hug. Lay low and enjoy every moment! (Will she be able to return to England? Just wondering how that will work.)

  • Honore´

    Welcome Home Sara! My wish for you all: Have a super time, filled with JOY all day everyday. And Happy Birthday to Charlie! Six. Already!


  • Jane

    How wonderful that your Sara can come home for a visit. Have an absolutely wonderful time. I think your making output is just fine. I imagine the recipients of those afghans are feeling very loved right now.

  • lydia

    Hope Sara enjoys here time here and the flight was [will be] uneventful. Hard to believe Charlies is 6-he’ll be borrowing the car keys before too long!

  • Patty

    So much good here Mary! Thank-you and I hope you’re having a wonderful time together! (Did you know Doug’s dad was a professional tennis umpire back in the McEnroe days?)

  • Vera

    Oh wow! I’m sure you are enjoying your time with Sara. Hope the weather is cooperating (it’s been beautiful here). Have fun and enjoy!!

  • Vicki

    Oh my gosh! SARA! SARA! SARA!! I hope you’re having a wonderful time together (I don’t know how it could be otherwise)! I’m missing my Maddy… not sure when we’ll get to hug again. xoxox

  • kym

    I’m VERY behind on my blog-reading . . . I hope you are enjoying a lovely time with Sara! I’m so happy you’ll be able to spend some time together. XO I’ve been thinking about tennis lately, too. . . I played when I was young – high school team, etc., but gave it up in my 20s after a skiing knee injury. I picked it up again when we moved to Michigan (many years ago), but then my kids went in different directions sports- and activities-wise, so I had to let it go. Seeing 2 never-used private courts in my neighborhood every day makes me . . . really want to ask if I can just go hit some balls around, y’know? I’m so excited that you’ll be able to pick it up again!

  • Louisa

    Hi, I love your notes, I find them inspirational and you encourage me to be reflective during this time when I am so worried about the health of my family and this country. I got stuck early on with Slanted Sleveen by being off one stitch and I am determined to go back and not give up as “starting” is always my hardest part. Would you send me the zoom code for your next knit together this Sunday? I would love to participate and you encourage me to keep going! Best, Louisa