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Marmie & Poppa Camp | Week Seven.

I did a double-take on the calendar … yes, it really has been SEVEN weeks since we started Camp. We’ve settled into a pretty comfortable routine that’s a nice mix of outside (Poppa’s “chores” and the neighbor’s pool) and inside (games, cooking, trains and LEGO’s). I swear the boys look older now than they did back in May!

shirts optional 😉

Charlie and I played a new game – Alphabet Slap Jack.It’s a nice mix of letters, early reading, and – of course – competitive play. Charlie won both games. hands down!

This week’s art project was another book, this time with scissors, glue, and a pile of magazines a neighbor kindly donated. It was a real hit with Charlie and not so much with Sam.

The cutting and pasting,

and the final product. These are the front and back covers

and here are the inside spreads.

Charlie chose all the images and figured out how to place them on the pages. He also did all the gluing. I helped with the scissors. This is such a fun way to see what he’s interested in right now (within the confines of my neighbor’s magazines which are mostly decorating, cooking, and gardening!)

…and of course now that we’ve finally figured things out, they’re changing again. Sam is headed back to school on Monday and Charlie has two weeks of outside activity camps (sports and golf, I think). He’ll be back with us for a short camp later in July, and then again in early August. It appears he’ll be starting school (Kindergarten!) as planned on August 10.

It’s been a delightful run and I’m so glad y’all have enjoyed sharing our adventures.

Also, thank you for your kind comments about the new banner. There are also new buttons on the sidebar. Sara did the work and I love how she pulled it together. I can’t believe it’s been TWO years since I transitioned mere-et-filles to this new space … clearly it was time for a little redecorating!

Happy Thursday!



  • Juliann

    Jessica and Ellis have been doing Creative Bug art classes. Those boys are looking older. And, if we have learned anything, it is that change is our new norm.

  • Carole

    I can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks! Time is such a weird thing these days. I’m sure you will miss them but it sounds like they will be having lots of fun with their new activities.

  • Carolyn

    Sara DID do a beautiful job! And I’d say Sam & Charlie have a fantastic eye for cake 🙂 The pool pictures are so enticing, I couldn’t help but think since the boys aren’t going to be in the pool the next few weeks, maybe *I* should come to camp 🙂 I always enjoy your posts, Mary…

  • Sarah

    I really love the new look for the blog — for some reason I didn’t notice the new banner until today! I am glad to hear that some sense of normal life will return for the boys. I know this time has been confusing for my daughter, and she’s much older and more able to understand what’s happening, so I’m sure it’s been unsettling for the boys. But they’re so lucky to have gotten bonus Marmie and Poppa camp time!

  • karen

    The boys look like they have had so much fun with you guys! Memories being made and thank goodness you expanded your bubble. I bet they fill you with never ending joy.

  • eileen

    I love the ‘art book’, using old magazines! We have our littles on Friday night thru Saturday afternoon. Since we are staying home I will be using this art book project as well as ordering the card game. Thanks

  • Vera

    Certainly looks like ALL of you have a whole bunch of fun. So happy you are able to spend time with your grandsons. Memories are being made!!