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Unraveled Tuesday.

Hello friends and yes, it’s Tuesday! I’ve never gotten the hang of scheduling posts, my tomorrow is full, and I want to share about the knitting, crocheting and reading … so Tuesday it is!

First up, the knitting. and the unraveling. Yesterday afternoon I was ready to start the ribbing on the body of Newleaf, on the smaller needle. Searching through my knitting bag, I found all my bigger needles and an empty bag for the smaller one. I got out my needle gauge and checked. and yep, I knit the entire body of the sweater on the smaller needle. ugh. ugh. ugh. I spent a few minutes wondering if it would block out. and then ripped out the last five days.

I had a lot of time today to knit and I have now worked through one of those balls.I am past the half-way point of getting back to where I was … and … I’m cautiously optimistic I’ll make only forward progress for the next two days and finish this sweater in time to wear it on the last chilly day of the season (Saturday … low in the 30’s). I hesitate to jinx myself. (and y’all – close readers might recall I ripped back the first Notice a few weeks back … completely different reason … still … this is more re-knitting for my own silly mistakes than I’ve done in years.)

Thankfully the crochet is progressing without issue.I am now past the halfway point of the last sequence. I have four more rows to go, and then two edges and it’s done. and there are still more than 70 days in #the100day project. I ordered yarn for a second afghan last week (comfy worsted from knitpicks) and it hasn’t shipped yet. So I’m rationing this afghan-to-finish … allowing myself just ONE row a day and TBD how the edging goes. #100daystofinishanafghan is going to become #100daystofinishTWOafghans (assuming my yarn arrives next week).

Good thing I have plenty of (re-)knitting to keep me away from the crochet.

On the reading front, I filled in three more squares this week.The inked titles are ones I’ve finished and the penciled ones are definite current/to-reads. I just started Daily Prayer this morning. Yep, it’s by a white guy, and it’s the only non-bookclub book by a white guy I’ve purchased this year. I knew I’d break my No White Guys rule at some point and I’m glad it was for this title (and I promise I would’ve purchased it even if it didn’t have such a beautiful cover!)

Meanwhile … I need a speculative fiction title – any and all recommendations welcome!

Please do visit Kat’s blog tomorrow (or today, depending on when you’re reading) to check out what everyone else is up to. And know that I will be, too.


  • Diane

    Sorry about your Newleaf sweater. I have grabbed the wrong needles and done that same thing more than once. The good new is you have it back on the needles and your on your way! I am anxious to see the final project.

  • Carole

    Oooof, that sweater rip out. I’m sorry about that. I’ve made the same mistake myself if that makes you feel any better.

  • Bonny

    Your unraveling was painful to read about, but ripping and reknitting was really the best decision. With a sweater that lovely, you want it to fit! As far as speculative fiction, maybe The Testaments (Margaret Atwood) or Solar (Ian McEwen)? Neither book is really a favorite of mine, but speculative fiction is not really my genre!

  • Katie @ The Cozy Burrow I can’t believe how quickly you reknit that body!! That would have taken me two weeks, easily. I’m sorry that you had to unravel though – how frustrating is that?!

    I love Padraig O Tuama (sorry I didn’t get all of the accents in there). Yes, he’s a White Guy but he has a lot going for him! I’m tempted to buy this book as well – I can’t wait to see what you think about it.

  • Vera

    Oh wow! I can’t believe you had ALL that unraveling to do and that you are almost back to where you were. I would have been tempted to either throw it in the trash or block the hell out of it to stretch it to fit – lol. Hope your Wednesday isn’t too, too busy!

  • Sarah

    Oh dear, that is a lot of unraveling. But I have made the same mistake before — and I often highlight “change to larger/smaller needle” in the pattern now for that reason. I hope you get back to where you were quickly, and I’m sending productive thoughts your way so you can finish it in time to keep you warm when you need it!

  • karen

    the horror of horrors! What a bummer about the ripping out but so glad you found it to rip it out! I guess you get twice the knitting fun. I had to rip out three days of cross stitching – now it’s in a time out. I’m glad I caught the error though.

  • Kat

    I just cringed reading you had to rip back five days of knitting… oh my πŸ™

    And, thank you for bring that book to my attention! πŸ™‚

  • Kym

    It’s a good thing you like to knit, Mary! πŸ˜‰ I’m so sorry you had to rip that much . . . and I’m equally impressed that you could re-knit so much of it so quickly. (Somehow, re-knitting always seems to go faster for me. Go figure.) Regarding speculative fiction . . . what about something by Margaret Atwood? (Oryx and Crate, or Penelopiad, maybe?) Or one of Ursula Leguin’s sci-fi novels? I think even Toni Morrison’s Beloved would qualify as speculative fiction. . .

  • Patty

    I’m guessing you’re back on track and beyond by now Mary! I’ve got nothing in the speculative fiction for you…except a re-read of our friend Hig!

  • Margene

    How sad to rip out so much knitting, but it was the right way to go. All the suggested titles for speculative fiction would be good choices liked Penelopiad very much and think Tony Morrison is a genius. My bingo card is filling quickly and I may end of resorting to finding books to fit the last few squares. Up to now it’s been easy to find a spot for each of the books I’ve read. SAH book bingo has been perfect the perfect way keep my mind occupied. Thank you, Mary!


    Oh goodness-I feel your pain. I had to rip out about 6″ because I messed up the decreases-rookie mistake for sure.