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Three on Thursday | While I Wait.

…for the yarn to arrive* to start Heidi’s test knit, I’ve been keeping myself occupied with other things. Since today is Thursday, here are three of them:

First, knitting Anker’s Second Shirt I started this on Sunday and I’m pleased that this second version seems to be going as smoothly as the first (and *knocks on wood* so far no silly mistakes). This yarn is making a much different fabric from the first one I knit in Knitpicks’ CotLin. If I’m going to have a wardrobe of summer sweaters based on just a handful of patterns, at least the fabric and colors won’t be all the same.

Second, crocheting the Vintage Crochet Afghan. I think I’m on track to finish this tomorrow (day 39/100 if you’re counting 😉 ) Here’s a big view of the first side edging complete (the one at the bottom)

and a close-up of the edging – right and wrong sidesThe edging provides a great place to hide the ends; I was even able to cover many of them while I worked those edge stitches.

Third, the yarn for afghan #2 arrived and I couldn’t be happierI chose the colors based on my beloved collection of blue and white china and this favorite photo of me and a dear friend, taken at another friend’s 60th birthday party (14 years ago … when 60 seemed “a little older” than we were) Those pink/orange tulips in those blue and white pitchers … how could I resist! I’m going to follow the same pattern (well, the 5-color version). The 5-color version calls for the same amount of each color, so I haven’t had to decide yet which color will be the “main” … that’s the color that will frame the piece. I’m about 50/25/25 between the white, the rosehip, and the hydrangea. What are your thoughts?

Curious commenters have asked what’s to become of these afghans. Right now, I’m planning for the first one to reside on our porch. Marc regularly uses one I crocheted for him in college (all the shades of brown) and this one would be mine. The second will replace the faded green chenille throw I keep on the reading chair in my study. I’ve made many blankets and afghans over the years, and these will be the first two for me. We’ll see!

… and whoa, just as I was going to Carole’s blog to grab a link, I read her news about Dale. Blogging about yarn seems silly … and yet it’s comforting. and somehow maybe the most normal thing we can do. along with offering up messages of love, support, and encouragement.

*or not. I’ve placed orders with two on-line shops and both have supposedly shipped, but I still have no tracking information to know when the yarn might arrive. The sweater is “due” by June 1. I can probably start it early next week, but I can’t wait much longer. So I’m giving it until tomorrow to receive some tracking info … and if it doesn’t come, I’ll be using Berroco Remix Light (leftovers from another sweater). and for sure, planning to knit a second one!


  • Honore´

    Great projects a) almost done and b) lined up for the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing their evolution. Knit on!

  • Juliann

    The colors for your next blanket are really pretty! I have put yarn in my cart for a summery sweater three times but have not pushed go. Not sure why but it hasn’t quite seemed like the right time, yet!

  • Carolyn

    I’m so glad to see that afghan up close! It gives me a completely different sense of the colors and pattern. No wonder you’re making another 🙂

  • Sarah

    Your afghan is so beautiful! And I love the colors for the next one — the Rosehip is such a pretty pop of bright color against what’s pretty much a blue gradient.

    Shipping seems to be such a crap shoot these days. I had my fiber club from Australia take more than a month to get here (understandable), but I also sent a package to a friend who lives about an hour away and she got it the next day.

  • Kat

    Wow, I love the edging of that afgan! Beautiful! I think I might need one of those! 🙂

    And I love your new Ankers start! (and my fingers are crossed that your yarn arrives today!)

  • karen

    I received two packages in the mail this week and the joy they brought arriving and opening makes me want to online shop. Crazy! Love the meaning behind the colors you chose and of course your top is looking marvelous!

  • Bonny

    I hadn’t thought much about all the ends you would “end” up with by changing colors on every row! I do love the edging, along with the colors for the next afghan. I hope your yarn shows up soon. Shipping seems to be a crapshoot these days – I’ve had packages go missing with UPS, USPS, and FedEx, only to show up a couple of weeks later. It’s like a game (that you don’t really want to play)!

  • Patty

    I vote Rosehip! And I love how you’ve chosen the colors. I think I’m stash diving for Ankers tonight. You really can’t wear a Night Shift in June…let’s put that baby in time-out!

  • Kym

    Lovely projects, Mary. (As always!) You’re going to love your new porch afghan! As for choosing your “main color”? I’d go with either the lightest or the darkest of your colors, since it’s going to be “framing” the rest. The reddish would work well , too — and it would make the” frame” really stand out. It will be lovely whichever color you choose!

  • Debbie

    Your nearly finished afghan looks beautiful and I love the edging! I like the color palette you chose for your second afghan, I go with either the rose hip or the white for the edging. I received the yarn for my afghan and got the first four rows done yesterday. I will probably be making a second one for my sister. Have a great weekend!


    Yea it seems like shipping will be whenever we can get it to you. Who knew this THING would create back orders for fabric, fusible interfacing, embroidery floss, as well as, yarn. Really can’t wait to see how this afghan comes together.