Next Up.

Hello friends! I am finding it nearly impossible to believe that we are heading into our ninth SAH weekend. SAH has affected all my days, but weekends without golf (I’m even missing it on TV!) and church … are the weirdest. I am so grateful for our time together on Sundays. Please note I just emailed the Zoom details for this week and we have moved the time to 1pm ET. If you’d like to participate and you’re not on the email list, just let me know in the comments and I’ll forward the details.

Speaking of comments, I am still struggling to reply to them in a timely manner. As I’ve been working on my email inbox, I’ve learned that blog comments – those y’all leave on mine and the replies y’all send in response to comments I’ve left on your posts – make up a significant part of the volume. Many of us are in the habit of replying to ALL the comments in a personal email. and honestly, the email is not the best part of the blog for me. It’s one of the big reasons I started blogging less often. and sometimes I leave fewer comments when I’m “catching up” on your posts because I don’t want to trouble you to reply more than once (and goodness knows I don’t need that many more emails myself!)

I love the comments! I READ THEM! I just don’t love the emails. So … would you still read/comment if I didn’t reply – as a rule – to your comment in a personal email? I would love to hear your input (in the comments, or an email if you’re not comfortable sharing with everyone!) … and I promise to reply to those emails. and to share an update.

And now, on to Next Up! I am wearing Newleaf today. The swatch didn’t lie … nor did the weather forecast, so this is the only photo I have (I’ll be sharing it on IG later for MeMadeMay Day 8). Needless to say, very happy with the FO … and maybe Marc can get some better photos tomorrow?

Meanwhile, the yarn for the second afghan hadn’t shipped … I was rationing the afghan to 15 minutes a day (which isn’t even a row!) and when TV time started last night I had nothing. except a hibernating sock. now done and drying. So, today I had plans

I should’ve included “clean out my knitting bag” and “really finally really put away the winter sweaters” on today’s list. because y’all – I did both of those! It did feel really good to clean out the knitting bag (I also put away all the needles, so maybe less chance of picking up the wrong one?) and if you’re on Sunday’s call, I’ll share the Spring/Summer bag I swapped in (does anyone else have seasonal knitting bags?).  All of that gave me time to think about what to cast on next. It also gave Knitpicks time to ship the yarn for the second afghan (woohoo! I’m going to be crocheting during TV time tonight!)

I surprised myself and decided to start Lucca – a KAL with my now-virtual-used-to-be-in-person-peeps (we are also going to be knitting Kirsten Kapur’s mystery beginning June 1!). I also decided to swatch for another Ankers. I found the yarn that the pattern suggested in a cute LYS (well, not L to me) called Stars Hollow. So next up:

…and then I checked my email again. and Heidi has invited me to test this new designWednesday, I ordered yarn just in case … and it shipped last night. I love test knitting and Heidi’s patterns make it a joy.

Silver Lining – May is shaping up to be an awesome month for making.

What’s up for you?


  • Karen

    I would definitely respond, and I don’t need a reply! You and Honoré are the only ones I know who respond to comments regularly via email. Other bloggers and I have occasional emails around a topic that particularly speaks to one of us. Love the sweaters–the one you’ve just finished and the one you’re thinking of knitting!

  • Katie @ The Cozy Burrow

    Count me as another reader who doesn’t need a response! I don’t blame you for getting overwhelmed with all of the emails! I use wordpress and I love how all of the comments are gathered into one spot for me on the website and I can turn OFF the email notifications – it makes such a difference with my ability to focus!

    Your Newlead turned out gorgeous – you look so elegant! Enjoy your new projects! And I’d love to see your spring/summer project bag 🙂

  • Carole

    I hear you on the email replies to comments. I do email everyone back but sometimes it’s very light, just a thank you, and I feel like that’s lame. But I just don’t have the time/energy to write more than that sometimes. I’ve never contemplated not emailing back, though. I think you can blaze the trail on this and be our guinea pig! (And I’m fine with you not emailing me back after I leave a comment, in case that isn’t clear.)

  • Kat

    Yay for honest swatches! That sweater looks so beautiful with white jeans! (as for me, it is snowing here today so another woolen Me Made, lol… we now have had more consecutive days of snow in May than we did in January!)

    I *tried* to test that gorgeous sweater, but alas… I was not selected! I can’t wait to see you working on it! It is on my favorite to knit and I am eager for the pattern to be released!

    And, as for comments… I am all for NOT emailing! Unless someone asked a question, I suppose. And even then.. if the question is something about something you are making and/or reading – to answer on your blog would be smart so everyone can see the answer. Just my thoughts. And, I am echoing Carole… no need to answer this comment!

    XO Happy Weekend (even sans golf!)

  • Sarah

    I will still comment even if you don’t reply (but I’ll admit I do enjoy the email correspondence, especially these days!). I do try to respond by email to everyone who comments on my blog, but there are always people whose address I don’t have and can’t respond to.

    Hooray for a finished sweater! Even in the slight gloom, it looks wonderful on you.

  • April

    Gorgeous sweater! I am very interested in how you select your knits and make them fit so perfectly. I think you and I are similar sizes (though I believe you are taller than me, not hard to be as I’m only 5’2”) and love seeing the finished product. A well fitting garment is still a goal for me.

    I read your posts in my email and on Instagram, although I don’t comment often. I don’t expect a response to any comment, unless I’ve left a question (and then I’m just hopeful for a response). I’ve thought about blogging myself and it is an overwhelming idea now. I’m simply thankful for the content. I would definitely continue to read, and comment occasionally, regardless of receiving a reply. Free yourself!

    Thank you for your blog! It’s a stress-free space I truly enjoy!

  • Margene

    Since I am a very bad comment returner and rarely reply to ANY email, I think you need to do YOU. If answering all the comments doesn’t fit into your schedule then don’t do it. The only comments worthy of response are those that hand you a strong feeling you want to share.

  • Bonny

    Newleaf is absolutely beautiful! I’m with Margene; you are the best person to decide the best way for you to handle blog comments and email. I never need/require a response to comments I’ve left on anyone’s blog, but I do like the conversations I have had when I reply to comments on my blog. You are the boss of your blog and should do what works for you!

  • Jane

    I would second Bonny’s comments. I never need a response but I do enjoy an occasional email exchange. I do think you should do what works for you. Sometimes I wonder whether it is necessary to comment on every blogpost. I read the blogs I enjoy but I don’t always comment on every single post.

  • Vera

    Hi Mary! Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day! As others have said, you need to decide what works best for you and go for it. Like Carole, I try to respond to every comment even if it is just a thank you. I like to acknowledge that someone took the time to comment. I also like the email conversations that end up occurring due to comments. No need to reply to me – I will still read and comment on your blog:)

  • karen

    You are gorgeous! Love the finished sweater!! On my blog I read all the comments and do my best to visit everyone who has a blog. Sometimes commenters do not link their profile or blog so I cannot sleuth where they are on the internet.

    I do not respond to each comment by email because I don’t think blogger is set up easily like that….I never investigated.

    I think you should do what you like to do and if the emailing is too much drop doing it unless you have something to say. Blogging should be fun!!!

    I sometimes get bogged down by visiting all the people who visit me, but I remember being a brand new blogger wishing for someone to visit or comment!! So I want to pay it forward and give someone joy (which brings me joy)

  • Debbie

    Your Newleaf looks great and I hope you enjoy wearing it! I look forward to seeing your progress on all of your other lovely projects.
    I think you should do what you want as far as responding to comments, it’s your blog and you should enjoy it. Hope this week is a good one for you!

  • Kym

    When it comes to blog comments, you need to do what feels right for you. If emailing back is a burden for you, then you ought not do it. I like the conversations myself – that’s the main reason I blog and read blogs in the first place – but it does take time, and I often get behind and need to declare an “amnesty” for myself. I try to maintain a balance . . . it remains my goal to respond to MOST comments. I’m not always successful.

    Blogging . . . should be fun. And YOU get to define/decide what is fun for you!

    Heidi’s new sweater looks perfect for you, Mary! 🙂

  • Vicki

    I also get bogged down with comment emails. In a “perfect” world (not really perfect, but you get my drift)… if I didn’t have a full-time job, a husband, involvement of various kinds with three adult children, 3+ grandchildren, a house & home to care for, hobbies, a social life (of some sort)… I doubt I’d spend any more of my time answering emails. I just can’t. Sometimes I feel compelled to do so, or it works out just fine to do so, and I always enjoy the conversations, but there are many times I just fall behind and then it’s “select all > delete.”

  • Patty

    I agree! Email gets overwhelming. Respond if there’s something you want to say and otherwise it’s all good! And that Newleaf is stunning!