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Looking Back | April.

Hi friends. Before I start Looking Back to April, I’d like to look back to Friday’s post, particularly the kind and thoughtful comments y’all left in response to my questions. I really appreciate every single one of you who makes the time to read what I share, whether you comment or not! Truly, this community is one of my favorite things about the internet (apart, some days, from Instagram). Thank you!

1. What am I celebrating?
+ we did a whole month, without having any end date in mind.
+ the Three Things and Small Joys practices to bookend my day with a sense of energy and gratitude. (also, I’m starting to figure out Instagram stories and I’ve created a “story archive” for them.)
+ beginning the 100 day project (and having so much fun with that first afghan that I ordered yarn for a second one).
+ still showering, dressing, and putting on at least minimal make-up every day. It really lifts my spirits (ditto from last month).

2. What surprised me?
+ how normal staying home has started to feel. truly, the days where we aren’t “at home” (grocery shopping, pantry deliveries), now feel weird.
+ kicking off SAH Book Bingo was easy … and well-received!

3. What voices am I listening to?
+ Sarah and Beth on Pantsuit Politics. They are keeping me sane with everything that’s happening in our country right now and I cannot recommend their podcast highly enough. (I said this last month and it’s still true – ditto again).
+ Anne Bogel and the whole Modern Mrs. Darcy crew. In addition to the weekly What Should I Read Next podcast, there are multiple bookclub events and we had a “breakout session” after the April bookclub for all of us to participate. I got to Zoom with other bookclub members and talk about books. It was AWESOME!
+ Angele Masters. She narrates the Veronica Speedwell books and I binged through four of them.

4. What did I make? masks, a prayer shawl, two Notice pullovers (one navy, one pink), and one Cleo Skirt.

5. What was the best thing I watched?
+ Homeland Season 8. (this is probably up there for best thing I’ve watched in months and the finale was perfect.)

6. Read?
+ those Veronica Speedwell books!

7. What am I leaving behind?
– any expectations for when or how “all this” resolves.

8. What do I want to focus on in the month ahead?
+ making. I have way more in mind to knit and sew than I’ll be able to do … and I hope the energy around both continues.
+ keeping up my morning prayer practice.
+ remembering to eat breakfast or lunch.

A few more tweaks to the list … I guess I’m going to accept that this list of questions might well be fluid! I’d love to know if there’s a question that’s part of your reflection process that you’d like to share.

Again, thank you for reading, and for being part of my story!


  • Vera

    Nice post Mary. Overall it sounds like you have adjusted well/are adjusting well to the “new” normal. I love your afghan. I don’t “do” instagram (prefer blogs and don’t want to add one more thing to my list – ha! – same reason I don’t “do” FB), curious about the second one – will it be the same colors or different? Are these for you or gifts? Glad you are keeping busy and enjoying life!!

  • April

    That’s a great list! I agree that the going out days do feel strange. These will increase for me as we are short at our food pantry and the need is great. I will be working there one morning a week. It will be good to be there again, but I imagine it will feel good to get back home too! Your afghan is beautiful! Have so enjoyed seeing your progress on Instagram. Looking forward to seeing the colors for #2.

  • Sarah

    Look at all that color in you photos!

    I, too, have noticed how quickly this staying at home has become normal. We’ve settled into a good schedule and now it feels like a real effort to do anything out of the ordinary. While I am worried about what the future holds, I’m feeling very thankful that my employer has told us that our health and safety come first and that working from home will be the default until we’re sure we can return to the office and be completely safe.

  • Bonny

    All those flowers, masks, and crochet! I’m not sure that five years ago you would have predicted you would be crocheting not one, but two afghans, but here you are! Looking forward to seeing the second one. Staying home is becoming more “normal”, especially when contrasted with surreal trips to the grocery store.

  • Kat

    One thing that jumps out at me from your look back is how busy you are! From home! Me Made May is helping me “get dressed” versus the sweat pants and a shirt of the previous month – and it does help!

    The thing I really miss is time alone… there has been none at home, but now Steve is “back” (if you would call partial staff back) to the office 3 days a week. Which makes me stress about other things, so it is not really a good trade off.

    I love your makes! Especially your Notice sweaters!

  • karen

    I never forget to eat ha ha ha. I am used to being at home as well, I’m just amazed I don’t get as much done as I thought I would with all this free time!!

  • Kym

    It’s kind of amazing how quickly we really do kind of . . . adjust . . . to this new normal, isn’t it? One of the things I’m appreciating most is just seeing clever and creative ways that people/groups/companies are adapting and moving forward. It’s heartening and hopeful! XO

  • Patty

    I’m going to miss the colors on that afghan when it’s finished! I’m sure the next one will be just as pretty. Our biggest change with Doug home (working but for good) is all the walking. 2.5 every morning and another something when I get home. I think that is the new normal around here! Kinda doing a job on my morning knitting time! 🙂

  • Jane

    We can and do adjust and thrive in changing times. I agree that we all need to leave our previous expectations for the coming months behind. At least for me, this time is teaching me the wisdom of staying in the present. I may read a little about pants-suite politics. Some days the news feed on the phone is downright terrifying. I feel as if I need to stay informed on the science of COVID but then my attention wanders . . . and I am sorry.