Just Life

Hello May.

Hello May. It’s hard to believe we have a full-month of SAH behind us. and (at least) another month ahead. At least now we know we can do it.

I’ll share more on the looking back next week. For now, I’m looking forward. just for 31 days!

This morning, I sketched out another month of Things.

Me Made May started today and I am All In to wear at least one me-made each day. Last May was a big sewing month and I want this May to be an even bigger one. more to come.

The Big Project I have this month is my closet. After a few months of recording outfits and thinking hard and honestly about what I like to wear, I’m ready. I’m also going to take Elise Blaha Cripe’s Inbox Bootcamp course. Y’all … email is my favorite thing to love AND hate and I just have to get it under control. I expect both of these projects to span days. I know they will both be worth it!

I’m also looking forward to more porch time, maybe getting my first Bingo! (big Maybe – the books I have in my sights right now fill squares, but not five in a row), and being more present here.

The virtual connections I’ve made through this blog have been life-saving. especially now. and especially on Sunday afternoons. Please note, I’ve emailed the Zoom codes for May 3 (if you didn’t get the email and you’d like to be included, just let me know) and I hope everyone noticed the time change. Just for this week, we’ll be meeting at 1pm ET.

Wishing everyone a good weekend. and a healthy month.



  • Kat

    I am hoping for more days.in.a.row without rain to open the porch and the pergola! (high winds and too much rain have hindered all of that!)

    I am excited for Me Made May – and I started today! My Collect calendar of May is going to be all “me made’s”! (Pandemic Badger Hair and all!)

  • Vera

    Happy May Mary!! Cheers to a fabulous month ahead. Looks like you have a lot of plans which is fun. It appears that Spring may finally be here to stay….time to put my heavy winter clothes away. I may try to do that this weekend…or I may just enjoy getting outside instead!! LOL

  • Sarah

    I am also hoping for my first bingo, but I don’t seem to be going about my reading very strategically — I’m filling in boxes, but they’re all over the place! I’m telling myself that my plan is a cover-all, so it doesn’t really matter if I don’t get five in a row very often.

    Looking forward to seeing all of your making and me-made outfits this month!

  • Bonny

    Happy May and Happy Making in May! You have an ambitious May Things calendar, and I’m cheering you on with your closet and inbox. I don’t know if Apeirogon by Colum McCann fits into your Bingo card, but I’m currently reading it (listening), loving it, and can highly recommend!

  • Jane

    Happy May. I love your comment, “Now we know we can do it.” Yes we can. You have a good plan for May. The change of season means I will also be going through my clothing. I do this twice a year and it works well for me. The kitchen cupboards also need a good cleaning and sorting so that is on my list. So plenty to keep me occupied.

  • karen

    we just set up our back yard swing and I hope to be spending some time on it as the weather warms up. Today it is sunny once more, I feel so lucky for two days in a row!

  • Patty

    Happy May! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Ours was glorious (finally!) and pretty much spent outside the entire day. My personal inbox is oooo-kay but my work in box is a disaster!

  • Karen

    I’ve been reworking my closet every month since January and clearing out the things I don’t wear. It’s harder now because my life is so different. I haven’t needed anything remotely “dressy,” and can’t see that that will change in the near future. So I’m reluctant to weed out anything that I might want in the future. I’m hoping to get our patio set up, and our flower gardens planted. It’s not safe to plant here before Memorial Day—and they’re predicting the possibility of some snow for Mother’s Day. Yesterday it was 75° and today the high was 48°.