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Doubled Bubble.

Last weekend, we decided to Double our Bubble with Katie’s family (if the term is new to you, this article is a good place to start). Katie and the boys came over for a quick visit on Saturday morning, Marc and I were at their house yesterday afternoon to celebrate Charlie’s pre-K graduation*, and tomorrow Rob is dropping off Charlie & Sam for a two-day Marmie & Poppa camp. They’ll arrive after breakfast, spend the day, the night, and another day, and Katie will pick them up before dinner on Tuesday. Things are opening up around here (including Sam’s preschool come June 1), but for the near term, neither family is planning to venture out more than we have been since mid-March. Our tentative plan is to have the boys Mondays/Tuesdays until we can figure out something else. Marc has all kinds of activities planned for outside (including building a bird house!) and I’m thinking about what books we could read and maybe teaching the boys to knit?! (or crochet 😉 ?)

These are actual photos from this weekend

I’m amazed how different it feels to have added these four people back into our real life. also, how long it’s been since I’ve been on a run! Marc and I both wanted to talk with Sara this morning (on our own), so we took our outside time apart. Marc did our usual walk. I ran to the lake (and back).

I loved reading everyone’s comments on my last post. The second yarn I ordered arrived – surprise! – on Friday**.

Friday evening I swatched, Saturday morning I measured and then started Heidi’s test… so far so good!

Friday afternoon I also finished the afghan. Y’all. This is for sure a Top 10 project for the year.

Yesterday, I started Afghan No. 2.I chose Hydrangea for the main color. turns out it’s the color I love the most with all the other colors. Also, the beginning of the project reminds me of childbirth – as in I’ve forgotten (it’s been more than five years since I started Afghan No. 1) how bad it was and just remember how great it ended. This photo represents about two hours of work. At this rate, I might not see color number two until mid-week!

Of course, having the boys here might mean I’m still working this first row next weekend.

I’m planning to move to twice a week posts for the near term. Sundays and Thursdays? we’ll see how it goes. I’m also going to experiment with responding to comments in the comments. WordPress offers that functionality and I’ve always enjoyed visiting other blogs and seeing that discussion play out. I would invite y’all to respond to comments here as well. Wouldn’t it be delightful to spark, or happen upon, a dialog? Let’s give it a try.

Meanwhile, I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy. xxoo.

*which in another lifetime would’ve happened this past Thursday, and Sara would’ve been there too.
**I used Berroco’s 1-2-3 DropShip program – Tuesday morning, I called an LYS in Michigan who carried the yarn, but not the color I wanted. They placed the order with Berroco and wow! I had yarn on Friday. ANY LYS that carries ANY Berroco yarn can participate. It’s awesome!


  • Juliann

    What a fun filled post. Charlie is getting so big! I have heard that those loom kits are a good fiber option for smaller hands. I think Waldorf schools teach knitting as part of their curriculum. Let us know how it works. Enjoy your expanded bubble. Feels like a very wise way to proceed.

    • mere2007

      Charlie is getting big (and so is Sam!) … neither of the boys expressed any interest in any of my needle-crafts, but Charlie did pore over a few cookbooks. Early days still, right?

  • Ruthanne

    I love your posts Mere! Thanks for this one. Sounds like you and Marc will be busy with your visitors, but such fun. That hydrangea color is a favorite of mine. This blanket will be gorgeous.

    • mere2007

      Thank you! I did choose the hydrangea for my main color, and am now into the 3rd row … anxiously awaiting the POP of pink/orange.

  • Bonny

    Double your bubble, double your fun! It’s amazing for me to hear about your reopening, but I’m glad for you. NJ is far away from where you guys are, but maybe we’ll get there someday. I look forward to seeing the boys’ bird house! Your first afghan is lovely, and the second one will definitely be also!

    • mere2007

      🙂 you WILL get there … and early days still (re-opening just started 2-1/2 weeks ago) but all the fingers and toes crossed the numbers continue to be OK. (sadly, reports I’ve read lead me to believe we’re going to see more spikes … people are still being selfish and stupid and I’m not missing seeing those folks IRL one little bit) … and oops, I’m not sure I have a photo of the bird house! it was nailed together, colored, and ready to install in their backyard. (maybe there will be another one?!)

  • Carolyn

    Lots to cheer here! Looks like a good time was indeed had by ALL!! We had a ‘first’ this weekend, too….one dear friend came and spent the day with us. My teen daughter’s best friend, an only child of older parents/father with Alzheimer’s. She’s like one of our own kiddos, and it was a happy refresher for all. It feels good to connect in real life again, if only with a very few! Enjoy your time with your dear boys!

    • mere2007

      I’m so glad you’ve made some IRL connections! My sister and I talked about making our Sunday afternoon FaceTime a “driveway meet-up” this weekend. It’s going to be hard not to hug (and gah, wine and a mask?!) … still. It’s a place to start.

  • Sarah

    I am so excited for you for doubling your bubble! We’ve talked about maybe doing that with my parents, but I think they’d also want to see my brother and sister-in-law, and that would be problematic. So we’ll see. But in the meantime, I’m happy that you and Marc will get all that time with the boys! Have you tried finger knitting with them yet? That might be a fun activity to get them started with yarn crafts.

    • mere2007

      It is crazy how these “relaxing rules” are creating issues. Now I feel like I can tell SO MUCH about a person based on 1) do they “believe” all of this; 2) do they wear a mask in public; and 3) are they abiding by the guidelines. and honestly, I feel like my IRL social circle is going to be a lot smaller once IRL starts again. Thankfully, the people I really want to see, are ones I’ll be able to!

  • Kat

    All the things to LOVE in this post! I was going to suggest finger knitting as well! ALSO!! I got Genevieve a potholder loom for Easter, and she is having so much fun “doing parts” (the parts she loves is to put all the bands on and then do some weaving, and then take them all off and start again!) the finishing is a bit of a challenge for her (and Heidi, lol) but Heidi told me that it is an excellent rainy afternoon activity!

    (also… I am looking at that afgan start and my mind is entirely boggled… how long is that chain?) But!! That yarn looks lovely, so there’s that! Good luck!

    • mere2007

      I love the potholder idea … and the finger knitting. meanwhile, neither boy said they wanted to “do” those things, since they were all about the pressure washer and rocks. we’ll see. many (many!) more days ahead!! … as to the beginning, it was daunting. 310 chains. took me three days. totally worth it!

  • karen

    seeing you with your family is a wonderful sight to behold! Isn’t it nice we are inching our way towards being with our family? Yay! Looks like a great weekend and I love that you will be seeing the kids regularly. (my husband is SERIOUSLY considering retirement mid August – so excited about this!!)

    • mere2007

      …and I talked with my sister tonight about moving our Sunday afternoon FaceTime to a driveway meetup!! it’s coming … slowly but surely (and hopefully Georgia’s numbers will continue trending in the down direction so we don’t have to go back … at least not yet). Retirement was an Adjustment for Marc, but now … 26 months? in, wow, it was a great decision!

    • mere2007

      Thank you, Vicki! how did Charlie get to be nearly SIX?! I’ll check out the link (although the boys expressed NO interest in “my” things and were totally into Marc’s … rocks, pressure washing, ladders …)

  • Margene

    How wonderful to see your extended family together again! The new sweater color is really different for you and very beautiful. I love the blanket and the colors of your new one. You always have so many wonderful things happening in your world. Thank you for being you, Mary.

  • Carole

    I’m so glad you have doubled your bubble! We had to triple ours due to Dale’s injury, so that both our daughters can help with his care. We’re being as careful as we can and I hope it’s safe, I don’t see how else we could have managed it though.

    • mere2007

      How wonderful that you have TWO daughters close by to help! Bubbles can grow as big as they need to 🙂

  • Kym

    So many good things in your post, Mary. I really like the color for your test-knit-sweater! Can’t wait to see it. It’s hard to believe that Charlie is already finished with pre-K. Time flies (and especially for other people’s kids, I find). Enjoy your time with the boys. XO

  • Geri

    How exciting to double your bubble! It’s so hard being away from those we love. We went to our daughter’s house this weekend but remained outside and apart. My granddaughters are old enough to understand no hugs but it was a bit sad not to hug them. Even so we had a delightful time and it was a big boost for all of us. Seeing your crocheted afghan sparks an interest in trying crochet again. So lovely! Looking forward to seeing your test sweater evolve.

    • mere2007

      I am grateful Katie and her family live close enough to do this. Sara lives an ocean away and we have no idea when we’ll see her next. and by all means, pick up a crochet hook – it’s a little bit like riding a bike, and super fun with a pattern like this!

  • Karen

    We expanded our circle of contacts to include our son and his family on Mother’s Day. It’s been a gift. They’ve been here twice, and are coming again on Saturday for dinner. I think the three little girls were as excited to visit us as we were to see them! But that’s it for now. There’s talk of joining friends on an outside patio and staying 6 ft. apart but still being able to visit. I’m thinking about it.

    • mere2007

      🙂 my sister and I talked about changing our Sunday afternoon FaceTime to a driveway meeting. I’m not sure about wine and a mask, but I’m willing to try!

  • Diane

    Mary, I really like the bubble idea I wish it could work for me. Your grandchildren are so cute as well as their parents. Sara has your big happy smile.

  • Helen

    It looks like fun was had by all. The fact we can’t take these visits for granted makes them a little more special? Yes?

  • Vera

    Glad to hear your Bubble has Doubled! What a joy it must be to spend time with your family again. Not only is Charlie growing (fast!!), but he looks more mature too. I really like the idea of Marc helping them build a birdhouse – so cool! And you could do a take on Vicki’s Aunty Camp with the boys! Fun all around.

    I rarely go back to blogs to see comments, but you do what works best for you! I also try to stay off the computer on weekends since I’m on M-F for work…but I’ll catch up with your posts eventually.

    Wishing you a wonderful week Mary – more running maybe?

    • mere2007

      Thanks, Vera – I completely understand about staying away from the computer on weekends. A few folks do, and that makes it an easier time for catching up! and yes, I managed another run on Tuesday … it’s for sure the quickest workout I know and time was short.


    Am sure Marmie and Poppa camp is going to be TONS of fun. Looking forward to more colors emerging on afghan #2.

  • Jane

    How wonderful to see you with your family. I do so miss ours but I have faith we’ll be together again at some point. We are also watching stats in our area. it is interesting to see reactions among friends, neighbors, and strangers as to whether they believe the pandemic is real, dangerous, and whether or not they wear masks. I love the hydrangea color as periwinkle is one of my all time favorites. Your afghan is pretty and will be a joy to use. I’m glad to know about the Berroco program. I enjoy their yarns and one of my local yarn stores carries Berroco.