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Divide and Conquer.

Last week I wrote about the new rhythms we’re finding with the little boys here Monday and Tuesday. We continued to look for those rhythms this week and for sure, Divide and Conquer is still our guiding principle. The boys were only here for Tuesday and Wednesday morning, so it wasn’t quite the same (regular weeks will have one more lunch and afternoon), still … we were ready for bed last night! Here are some photo highlights of this week’s visit – from my iPhone’s POV:

After last week, Marc dug out his collections of Matchbox cars and Legos. He even found harmonicas! The boys played with the cars (in spite of thinking everything was “ancient antiques”). Then Marc took Sam outside and Charlie and I stayed in for Legos. Next the boys went out to dig a hole (clearly only ONE boy is actually digging and watching Sam and Charlie makes me laugh!). Grilled cheese for lunch (and a selfie to say HI! to their folks).  … Water Play (see below). and later. art. and much later (nearly bedtime) popcorn and a movie. Sam LOVES the afghan. I’m thinking I might need to plan another one for him.

The Water Play was really fun. and I even got a little wet!If you look close, you can see big smiles on Marc’s face. These boys bring out the best in us!

We are away from our phones (except as cameras), away from the internet (except for FaceTime), and totally engrossed in play … except during Quiet Time when I am totally engrossed in refueling my Introvert Tank 😉 (i.e., reading a book or knitting)

Of course the “catching up” after such a pause can be daunting. I’m still figuring out how I’ll make it work. I haven’t read a single blog post since Monday and of course I haven’t replied to any of your comments. June is going to look a lot different and I’m welcoming the new calendar page to set new expectations for myself.

I’ve still been knitting, reading, and crocheting every day. The knitting has been good, but I can’t share yet. The reading has been surprisingly steady, if slow. I did spend an hour today updating Goodreads … and I still am several books away from a Bingo. The crochet continues. WIP photo soon, promise!

I missed Honoré’s One Little Word meet-up on Tuesday, and of course I also missed all of your updates. Mine will be coming before June begins. and I look forward to reading yours … and catching up on other things as well. Happy Thursday!


  • Carole

    I can see that they are keeping you and Marc on your toes and BUSY! You will find your way to doing the other things you enjoy, too, I’m sure.

  • Sarah

    I have to admit that I am tired just looking at the photos! Seems like your time with the boys is a good break from the Internet and a very good excuse for needing to catch up, so don’t feel bad about it one bit. Having been through this age with your girls, you know how quickly it goes and how much it should be treasured!

  • Bonny

    This reminds me of when my boys were young – I miss that! The squirt guns vs. hose are great and it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves!