A Good Month for Yarn.

Happy Friday! I’m wearing a new sweater today, this morning I cast on a sweet little dress for a friend’s new granddaughter, and this afternoon yarn arrived in the mail. All of that reminded me that May has been a very good month for yarn around here.

First up, the Finished Projects*.A second Ankers Summer Shirt (today’s outfit). The (first) Vintage Crocheted Afghan. Newleaf. Mother’s Day socks for my mom.

Here’s the beginning of the baby dress. I do LOVE this pattern. I might even finish it by Sunday and then the May FO’s will be an even better!

I’m also crocheting another Vintage Crocheted Afghan.I’ve completely lost track of #the100dayproject, but I’m still adding a row to this each evening. I’m going to have to step it up to finish by July 15.

The afghan is going to have some tough competition (good thing Marc and I always watch at least a little TV every night and the afghan is my TV project) because here’s the yarn that arrived today.

This is going to be another test knit for Lori Versaci. A few weeks back, I wore Starboard Rock (a pattern I tested for her back in summer 2018) and shared it on Instagram. Lori and I exchanged a few DMs on Instagram and she asked if I’d be interested in testing a cardigan version. um YES!

…and MONDAY we’ll get the first clue in Kirsten’s Summer Mystery. Who else is excited about that? June is sharing up to be another Good Month for yarn!

I hope you also have something exciting planned for the weekend. Of course if you are part of our Sunday afternoon Zooms, you’ve got that covered! and if you’re not, and would like to join, just let me know.

*I also finished a test knit for Heidi Kirrmaier and she’s asked us not to share modeled photos. I promise y’all will be the first to see … hopefully next week!


  • Suzanne

    That’s going to be a cute baby dress. Her patterns are my go to for baby gifts. On Memorial Day, I knit her little Bee Sweet 0-3 months Bulky sweater. The patterns are well written.

    I’m excited to see your Kristen’s Mystery shawl. I have done them in the past but the past 2 years I just never got to them. I somehow get sucked into Camp Loopy and end up knitting up some gifts through that.

    Have a nice weekend!

  • Carolyn

    What beautiful knits!!! I’m also loving those shorts….are they linen? Part linen? And that pop of color in the afghan is fantastic. I’ll bet that’s tons of fun to work on.

  • Sarah

    I am really loving the color combination in the new afghan. It makes me think of Delft pottery with a pop of color — perhaps a vase holding a poppy.

    I hope we can get a sneak peak of the Heidi Kirrmaier top on our Zoom!

  • Karen

    I’m also a fan of the colors in the afghan! Your sweaters are gorgeous, and make me wish I’d stuck with knitting long enough to get good at it!

  • Bonny

    May was a good month for yarn and FOs! I got a bit bogged down in some dishcloth knitting, but it ultimately made me feel better, and now it back to Hitchhikers and some baby boy knitting. Don’t forget about an afghan for Sam! 🙂

  • Vera

    Your FOs are fabulous – ALL of them!

    Love the pop of color on your newest afghan. AND (ha!) the blue of your newest yarn is so yummy.

  • Jane

    May was an excellent month for yarn and finished objects. I love the afghans and the little baby dress will be quite sweet. And I am swooning over that blue yarn. It is gorgeous.

  • Patty

    That second afghan will be just as gorgeous! I’ve got the clue printed out but finally made it through the K1 P1 on Ankers and am trying to stay monogamous! I did cheat and look at the spoilers and clue one looks lovely! And the color on that second Ankers…OMG. 🙂


    That blue is stunning. I’ve worn my hay bale tank twice already with white jeans and it will definitely be a favorite outfit it I every get to go anywhere else.

  • Alexa

    You look wonderful in your Ankers shirts – they really suit you! And that little dress looks as if it is going to be very sweet indeed. Such is the inspiration I find here on your blog, that I have joined Ravelry, and am contemplating starting knitting something very easy.