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from this morning’s walk

It hardly seems possible that we are heading into our sixth weekend of Staying at Home. Part of me resists the endless repeat of posts with the same titles – Weekending/Sometimes Mondays, Unraveled Wednesday, Three on Thursday, TGIF/Five on Friday, Looking Back – and part of me welcomes the markers of time moving forward. a day, a week, a month at a time. Right now, the welcoming part is winning!

Thinking about … what Marc and I are going to “rebuild”. Before Marc and I take our morning walks, Holly and I take a little pre-walk. This morning, I used that pre-walk to listen to Monday’s The Lazy Genius podcast. My ears perked up when I heard this

“I’m not saying we’re not all going to have moments of emotional collapse because life right now is weird and hard. We’re going to fall apart. But falling apart isn’t the end. The really lovely thing about falling apart is that when all the pieces are broken and lying on the floor in a crying heap, we can see what we’re made of. And then we can decide what pieces might not be serving us very well. Beth Silvers on the podcast Pantsuit Politics said the same thing about our country as we fall apart during this crisis. The blocks have fallen down, but rather than rushing to rebuild them in the same way, we can use the falling apart to assess what we no longer need, what we need to make bigger, and rebuild in a new and better way. I do think that analogy works to a point for our own inner work. Vulnerability and falling apart do help us see the pieces of ourselves. A light shines, and we can see more clearly what we’re allowing to matter and what might not need to matter so much anymore.” ~ Kendra Adachi, The Lazy Genius Podcast, episode 153

and then I took advantage of that walk with Marc to start exploring what our rebuilding might look like. Way early days, but I am encouraged by the framing of having an opportunity. and the space to explore.

Grateful for … all the amazing, fun, inspiring, and just plain generous sharing happening on-line these days. My Instagram usage has certainly increased 🙂 special shout-outs to these folks:

Gretchen Rubin and Liz Craft and their M-F 4pmET Instagram Live
John Krasinski’s Some Good News
Kate Bowler’s Living Together Apart
Glennon Doyle, Kaitlin Curtice, Sarah Bessey, Brené Brown, Heidi Kirrmaier, Romi Hill and MaraLicole

Inspired by … the power of prayer. I read these words this morning (here) and I might be almost ready to resume my daily centering prayer practice. I have struggled mightily with it these past weeks. I miss it, but I can’t seem to quiet/sit still/pause/anything! to get back to it.

and Fun … Sara asked me to watch the final episode of Homeland in real time. Of course that means I need to watch ALL 11 episodes of the season before that final one … I started this week and I must say, Season Eight is a gem. I fell asleep last night watching episode 4 and I fully expect to be caught up on the episodes and maybe even the podcasts before next Sunday.

What FUN do you have planned for this weekend? (aside of course, from joining us at 2pm ET on Sunday)

Hugs, my friends, M.


  • Jane

    I have taken a cue from Bonny and try to find something out of the routine to mark the weekend. I think it is about time to find something other than baked goods. Thank you for the inspiration about the power of prayer. Now more than ever

  • Bonny

    My “fun” for the weekend will include trying to make it a weekend. This is getting more and more difficult as the days just run together. Parks are now closed in NJ, so no fishing unless we go to the river, but it’s really high and fast due to lots of recent rain. Maybe it’s closet-cleaning or weeding weekend!

  • Carole

    I have an online meditation group this morning and then we need to clean the house – damn I miss my house cleaners! Maybe take out from somewhere special tonight? I do think it’s important to make it feel like a weekend.

  • Kat

    Carole is so right, making it “feel” like a weekend is so needed! In my life, it is not so much rebuilding, but what will go forward with me, and what will be left behind.

    And poetry. What an incredible surprise of how vital poetry would be in these days!

  • Sarah

    I certainly hope that our country will learn from this crisis when we finally can start to rebuild. I am convinced that we will never fully go back to the way things were — we can’t, frankly. As I reflected in yesterday’s entry in my journal, there will be scientists and academics reflecting for years to come on the psychological trauma we’re all experiencing right now. I’m not an expert, so all I can do is use the skills I have and provide as much love as I can to get us through this.

  • Alexa

    I do like that Adachi quote – we’ve been talking a lot about that here, what with a therapist, an economist and a journalist in the house :). It would be such a waste to seek to return, as a community of nations, to what we had before … Old patterns do indeed have to loosen and disintegrate before new ones can begin to emerge and shape themselves. Despite the little pockets of quiet when our Little Miss micro-naps, I too have found it impossible to sit still and just be – although outwardly calm, there’s a bit of me deep down jangled by it all. “Rebuilding” is such a wonderfuly positive word!

  • Kym

    I’m so sorry I couldn’t join you all for Zoom-knitting this weekend. We had a family Zoom at the same time . . . I’m hoping next week will work for me to take part. It is challenging to keep the days from all running together now. My gym has just started offering their classes (many that I used to take) via Facebook Live — and they’re following their old in-gym class times/days. This may help me remember the days a little bit better???? Who knows. . .
    (I’ve never watched Homeland. . . ) Have a good week, Mary! XO

  • Patty

    I love the words you post Mary. I am sorry to have missed the gathering yesterday as well but we were outside socially distant with some friends for a much needed little visit. I don’t think we broke any rules and it was glorious to sit in the sun and chat. Considering myself lucky that I’m going to work right now. My respect for routine has grown significantly (as I am a big complainer about having to do the same thing at the same time…).

  • karen

    because my husband works from home weekends feel like weekends because he is not working! I am trying to do different things on Saturday and Sunday to spice it up. I saw some good news and enjoyed the show! The power of prayer is awesome, I rely on it.