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Hello April.

Hello April,

I did take my usual dark early photo on Wednesday, the one with the new calendar photo, my coffee, my journal and an otherwise a clean desk. And while I am still taking that time each day, April is really looking a lot more like this. This is me “sheltering at home”. My town officially started SAH Wednesday evening and our state officially began today. Marc and I have mentally prepared ourselves for another nine weeks (this is the end of week three for us … so we are thinking 1/4 done … maybe?)

Nonetheless. Hello April. I do have plans. or rather “things”.I’m holding everything loosely right now. Lists help me feel normal. Checking things off help me feel normal. We’ll see.

I did make a really good start on that winter sweater thing today.That pile turned out to be two loads for the sink and all of it is now laid out (with a fan) in the basement. It feels good to have things. and to check off things every day.

(I think I’ll need to write smaller next month.)

One thing I didn’t write on the list was to figure out a haircut.

I do see myself in the mirror …  but seeing myself in shadow (that’s yesterday afternoon) has me thinking … Shaggy! Marc says he likes my hair a bit longer. I think it’s because he doesn’t want to be the one to cut.

And meanwhile. Spring comes. I paused twice on today’s morning walk to take a photo. pink blooms against a brilliant blue sky. hard to resist.

April, I honestly have NO idea what you have in store for any of us, but I would ask that you be gentle, kind and understanding.

xo – M.

P.S. GAH – I cannot believe I forgot to write this, but in response to concerns about Zoom privacy, I am re-doing our Sunday meetup. You will need to RSVP to obtain the meeting ID and password. If you would like to join, please let me know in an email or the comments and I will reply with the information.


  • Bonny

    Lists help us get things accomplished and provide some sense of normality; both of these are good despite things being so far from normal. Your requests for April are pretty much my prayer every day. Stay well, Mary.

  • Kat

    Yeah, I am doing less lists – since nothing was getting crossed off. But, that was perhaps more of the uncertainty and knowing that April is on the same path (and let’s be real here… May, June, and likely July). Perhaps I can make a list I can actually utilize! 🙂

    A HUGE thing got crossed off my nagging mental list today – Steve talked to a lawn/yard service and they are coming next week to cut.the.bushes!! I even gave in to Friday Fish in celebration!!

    I am working my way through the sweater stack (but honestly, I have had to wear a few this week as we have had frost every morning the past week!) It will be a slow process if we get a good, sunny day with a bit of a breeze, I can take the drying outside and it goes much quicker!!

  • Karen

    A list is essential for me to be productive. Thanks to your earlier blog post, I now make a short list every night before I go to bed of three things I want to get done the next day. I always get at least three things done, but today two of the three were NOT on last night’s list. Nonetheless, three done!

  • Carolyn

    Oh my gosh, that comment about Marc not wanting to be the one to cut TOTALLY CRACKED ME UP!! I have long hair that I cut about twice a year (my poor hair dresser). My husband just gave our son a trim (just the sides) in our backyard. And he’s thinking biting the bullet and just shaving his own head! I’m always grateful for long hair in the winter–it keeps my neck warm. But now, well, it’s coming in handier than I’d have ever thought!
    Happy Listing to you. It’s a very good season for lists, indeedy…

  • Carole

    I wear my hair longish and layered so missing a haircut isn’t a big deal for me BUT boy do I wish I had gotten it cut in February like I meant to do! I see lots of pony tails and messy buns in my future! Lists help me, too, but I don’t think I’ve got the stamina to do one for the entire month right now.

  • Sarah

    I’m glad you’re finally officially under a SAH order, even though I know you were pretty much doing that before. Personally I think it should be mandatory for the whole country. I’m noticing an awful lot of people out driving still when I got out for a walk or run, and I highly doubt that they’re all out for essential tasks. But I suppose all we can do is be good about following the rules ourselves and hope that others are doing the same.

    I am really thankful right about now that, like Carolyn, I rarely get my hair cut even when we have no restrictions. I have some hair scissors if I need to trim off some split ends, but I’m fine just letting mine be for however long we’re home. My husband, on the other hand, is used to get a haircut and beard trim about once a month and is already starting to get a little shaggy — but he’s already told me in no uncertain terms that he does not want me attempting to cut his hair!

  • Karen

    just finished making my list o’ things to get done this weekend! nine of them – I have to admit one of the things has been carried forward for several weeks now…but I think I’ll actually stop putting it off and make it happen today…we’ll see – maybe I’ll promise myself something good like a crossword with a glass of wine on the porch after it’s done!

  • Alexa

    Such a beautiful blossom photo … quite lifts the spirits. Your hair photo made me smile – as did your supposition about Marc. I’m not at all in list-making mode but wondering if I should be. Great start on the winter sweaters – I think I’ll need a few more weeks before I dare do this up here!

  • Lydia

    My sweaters need a wash and a “shave”. Maybe that’ll be a project for this week between work emails and payroll?!

  • karen

    I love the smell of wool wash! Our weekend was pretty good and we managed to get a walk in each day and the sun did come out at some point during it. Today is looking to be sunny so I hope to be outside drinking it in. We’ve had a span of cloudy days and after today it’s predicted to be the same…

  • Jane

    Oh boy – I also need a haircut. I don’t color my hair but I do go in every four weeks to have it cut. It’s going to be interesting as it grows. Today I began washing some of my winter woolens. It is Spring for sure.

  • eileen

    Oh that hair thing, I have short hair that badly needs a cut. I now have wings, seriously the sides are flipping up and look like 747 wings. Good thing we are on a stay at home order and thank goodness for baseball caps and masks when out walking.
    yes, yes, I so want to be in on the Zoom meet ups.