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FO Friday | A Whole Outfit!

Woohoo, friends, we’ve made it to weekend SEVEN! and on this sixth Friday staying at home, I have not one, but two finished projects to share.

Marc, bless his heart, is trying on the photo front. I do love that these photos show the sweater and the skirt to full advantage. and that he managed to capture me eyes open for a few shots. For sure my eyes were open in those where my back is turned 😉

The sweater is my second Notice (on Ravelry here) – I knit it exactly like the first one. The row gauge on this one was a little tighter (8.5 rows to the inch vs. 8 – note that the pattern suggests 8.5), so I had to knit more rows for the body. I knit the yoke per the pattern for both, so the armhole depth in this one is a smidge smaller. Still fits great. I really love this design! and yes, I have yarn to knit one more.

The skirt is Made by Rae’s Cleo Skirt. It’s my first attempt … and yes, I’ve finally caved to an elastic waist. I have plans to make two more of these skirts and I was thinking I’d make them a little less gathered and a smidge (an inch?) longer. Now, seeing the photos, I think maybe the fit is fine. What do y’all think?

The fabric is a Nani Iro Cotton Sateen, originally purchased in 2018 for a pair of pants (yes pants – what was I thinking?!) and I am so happy I’ve sewn it into something I LOVE and will wear.

Also, yes, this is the second post I’m sharing today. The one that maybe landed in your reader this morning was the one I wrote yesterday … and forgot to actually publish. Hence, today’s thing was to write AND publish a post.

any guesses on what tomorrow’s three things might be?

And finally, I am all caught up for Homeland’s finale on Sunday. Y’all, this season has been my favorite of all eight seasons. I can’t begin to imagine how they’re going to wind up All the Things (and there are LOTS of Things right now!) … I only hope Sara isn’t disappointed.

Have a weekend. Be safe!


  • eileen

    WOW, what a finish for Friday! Your Notice is beautiful! I am knitting on mine today and these increases, (more on the back than front), has me concerned, but your Notice looks perfect! I need to ‘trust the pattern’.
    The skirt is great ! I love skirts, but rarely wear them.

  • Honore´

    Love your sweater, skirt and smile! Congrats. As for length of skirt, is the current comfy for you? If so, I’d stay with it! have a great weekend.

  • Carolyn

    I love your skirt, length & all! Curious about the width of the elastic waist? It looks perfect. And gorgeous with the new knit! What a celebration.

  • Debbie

    What a great outfit and it’s great that you look so happy in those pictures! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  • Sarah

    I’ll give Marc credit for trying, but having dealt with my own spouse photography issues, you have my sympathies. Nevertheless, the outfit is adorable! I love the fabric print in the skirt and think it would have made cute pants, but it’s darling as a skirt.

  • Kat

    This outfit! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! That skirt turned out beautifully and I don’t think one bit of alteration is needed – the length is perfect! your smiling face tells all!

  • Margene

    Notice is a great looking sweater on you and one that you will enjoy wearing all summer. I love it with that little skirt, which I think has a perfect fit. You look so summery!

  • Diane

    I love your skirt. It looks really good on you. I wish I liked to sew I would certainly make it. I am still waiting for my yarn to make Notice.

  • Vera

    Both look fabulous Mary and both look wonderful on you. Congratulations on great finishes. I think Marc did an admirable Job!! Love the skirt fabric (and would love it as pants too).

  • Jane

    Both sweater and skirt look darling. That skirt length would be cool for the summer but choose what is comfortable for you. The fit is great.

  • karen

    I love the photo shoot and your outfit is fantastic! Look at how summery you are, we are still wearing sweaters and long pants around here. I know one day I’ll wake up and it will be 90 degrees.

  • Alexa

    You look stunning! and very happy! Being so slim, you can wear the shorter skirt length – I like to cover my podgy knees :). The colours work together so prettily …

  • Cynthia Slocum

    Very cute and “springy”. Getting back into sewing by making face masks for kids. I am remembering how much I enjoy it.