Announcing a New Book Bingo!

Hello friends and welcome to a seventh season of Book Bingo. Everything in the world is topsy turvy right now anyway, so I decided (with much encouragement from my sister) that we didn’t need to wait until Memorial Day to kick off this year’s bingo.

Welcome to Shelter at Home Bingo. You can generate your card here and refresh yourself about all the “rules” here. (and note there’s a page with all of that linked in the top menu bar on the blog.)

In a nutshell, the only big change is that we’re starting on April 1 (the date my town officially began SAH) and ending on the later of Labor Day or the day that most of us no longer need to SAH. So – at the very least, that’s a little over five months. I expect a few of us might fill up multiple cards by then. (and as always, it’s books you finish between those dates … so if you finished a book on April 1 or later, it counts)

I did add a few new squares for things like “comfort read”, “with a beautiful cover”, “chosen by a celebrity bookclub”, “by a new to you author”; and I eliminated anything that seemed like something I wouldn’t want to read right now. things like “alternate history”, “narrated in the second person”, and all the U.S. political figure ones … There are still plenty of categories that might fit those books if that’s what you’re inclined to read!

I hit refresh on the card-generator a couple of times to get a few of the new categories and I’ll be sharing more about my card on Wednesday. Sharing about books and reading is one of my favorite things about this community … especially now. The Instagram tag #SAHbookbingo2020 was completely empty yesterday. Let’s fill it up!

Finally, Spring is continuing to spring here and I am grateful for the daily morning walks to enjoy its beauty. Here are a few favorite photos from this weekend.

this one is actually in my own yard 🙂

Stay safe, be well, and read!


  • Jane

    Spring must be so beautiful in Georgia. Thank you for sharing your photos. I hope to be outdoors tomorrow afternoon cleaning out the herb garden area. Because even the foliage from last year carries the scent of the herb, this task is one of my favorite Spring chores.

  • Juliann

    Just got news that school is online only through June so SAH bingo has shown up just in time. And I guess I don’t need to worry about making my work clothes last a few more months, topsy turvy is spot on.

  • Carolyn

    Oh, yay!!! This is how I found you in the first place! Thank you for making this happen again…and sooner 🙂 Is that wisteria in the second picture down? And to think my lilacs have JUST started to show little green buds and my spring bulbs have YET to flower… I love Georgia (especially after a long weekend in Decatur last May). I look forward to more time in your beautiful state! Once we’re allowed to travel again, of course. Thanks again…

  • Kat

    Oh boy, it’s going to take some fiddling to get a card that will work for *all.the.books* that I finished since April 1st! (although my shelter at home date was way earlier than yours, wow!)

  • Vera

    Love seeing all your blooms Mary! Think I will sit out book bingo (again). I felt too pressured when I did do it and, I’m not really reading much these days anyway! A bit of poetry here and there but no books are especially capturing my attention right now. Have fun though!

  • Sarah

    I am very excited for this and I’m hoping it’ll help me to feel more enthusiastic about reading right now! I haven’t finished a book since the end of March, but I’ve got two in progress now. It’ll be interesting to see how many books I end up reading and how long the bingo goes on!

  • Kym

    Thanks, as always, for your spring photos. It’s a great preview of early summer in Michigan! (It’s amazing how far ahead you are, bloom-wise, from us here in Michigan.) (It’s supposed to snow a bit later this week.) 🙂

  • Bonny

    Pink dogwood and wisteria; April surely is beautiful in your neck of the woods! We don’t even have leaves on most of the trees yet, but we sure do have increasing pollen counts!

  • Margene

    I’ve pulled one card I like, but think I’ll keep trying for the ‘perfect’ card. Your blossoms remind me of what’s coming our way!

  • Carole

    Your spring is just beautiful. We’ve still got lots of brown here but there are bright spots of daffodils and pansies now and boy does that help. I’m thinking SAH Bingo could be just the kick in the pants I need to read more regularly right now.

  • Debbie

    What beautiful flowers…dogwood is my favorite! The Bradford pears and magnolias are just beginning to bloom here, but we’re supposed to have some frosty nights later this week.
    I’ve been making masks, over 30 so far and still have 12 requests to fill.
    Thanks for making the book bingo cards available, I’m going to print one and play along, Wishing you well!

  • Honore´

    My azalea bush has about the same number of blooms as yours… contemplating Book Bingo…off to check out the cards…