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Unraveled Wednesday.

Hello friends. I’m glad we have set aside one day a week for unraveling. I watched Anne Bogel’s Stay at Home Bookclub today … she was the guest author for her latest book Don’t Overthink It  (which I thought was amazing)  … and one of her coping strategies is to schedule your overthinking time. like in a 15-minute window. Wouldn’t it be lovely to think about all of our unraveling time as happening in just this one day a week? Of course that’s not really how it goes. Y’all have been kind in the comments to let me know how much you appreciate my positive voice right now and I am grateful for that reinforcement of my general world view 😉 thank you! things are definitely not all smooth sailing in my house, but in the big scheme of things, I think we are still healthy, anxious, tired, grateful and making-do.

These posts are typically about making and reading, and I have been doing a bit of both. On the knitting front, I finished Anker’s on Sunday (and wore it today)

and promptly started another short sleeved crew neck pullover … with a much smaller gauge and a much darker yarn.

This is Notice … Monday

and last nightDaily photo FTW otherwise I wouldn’t have any progress to share.

On the reading front, my current reads shelf is remarkably slim.

It’s not that I’m so into these three books I can’t read anything else … it’s that I’m listening to a lot of podcasts, knitting, doing other stuff and basically NOT reading. The good news is that I’m pretty sure I’ll end up loving these books. (post for another day, but if you’ve noticed that my Goodreads reviews are trending up it’s because I’m only reading AND finishing books I’m pretty sure I’ll love.)

Finally, I am really looking forward to another Zoom meet-up this weekend. Please mark your calendars for Sunday, March 29 at 2pm ET:

Topic: mere-et-filles meetup
Time: Mar 29, 2020 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 368 809 860

Thank you, Kat, for hosting this virtual meet-up (and for giving me the perfect excuse to make sure my Ravelry projects are up-to-date 😉 .)


  • Bonny

    It was damp and cold here today (but no snow), so it is lovely to see a short-sleeved spring sweater! I’m guessing it must be warm enough there to wear it outdoors, so that’s a win, also. Hoping to join you on Sunday, Hitchhiker in hand!

  • Kat

    Lovely new sweater! I love how it looks! And how did I miss Notice? Are you doing just one color? I love the dark, inky navy…so much! But what an eye challenge!!

    I think reading is a struggle for everyone right now.

  • Vera

    Oh! Love that dark, dark blue for your latest knit. Curious: are you just using that color, or using 3 as the picture for the pattern shows? I’m busy with work and working out and knitting and a tiny bit of reading. we are staying well and holding our own. Good to “hear” your voice Mary.

  • Sarah

    Your new sweater looks fab on you — that pale blue suits you so well! I take it Notice is what you were swatching for during last week’s Zoom session?

    When this first started, I really thought I’d be plowing through my TBR pile, but like many others, it seems, I’m having trouble focusing. I just hope I can do a better job when some of my library holds come through!

  • Kym

    Reading is a challenge for me these days, too. But getting better . . . so there is hope.
    As always, Mary, the knitting is just lovely.

  • Patty

    I think I’m in the same boat regarding reading. I’ve not even been carrying a book upstairs to fall asleep with recently. Both of those sweater patterns are lovely Mary and you are rocking than Ankers!

  • Carole

    What a pretty shade of blue for your new sweater and thank you for the selfie modeled shots! I’m looking forward to hanging out with everyone again on Sunday.

  • Debbie

    I love your new summer sweater and the one in progress too! Like everyone I know, I’m having a hard time focusing on activities I usually do to relax, such as reading, knitting, & sewing. I make a list for each day and it has been helping. Wishing you and your family well!

  • Bonny

    I’m heartened by lovely short-sleeved sweaters and the appearance of spring, even if it’s not quite in my neighborhood yet. I hope to Zoom with you on Sunday and share some good times (Hitchhiker in hand)!

  • Lydia

    Love the FO! I found 4 skeins of ivory Shibui Fern I didn’t know I had yesterday while tidying my office. I’m hoping my goal of finishing my winter sweaters will happen by the end of the month. Getting spring/summer yarns together to decide what to work on next. Looking forward to the virtual meet up on Sunday.

  • Vera

    Such a pretty blue sweater. I’m happy that it was a gorgeous day here today. I worked out in the a.m. (inside), took an hour walk on the trail after lunch and then Fletch and I shot 3 rounds of archery. If nothing else, I should sleep well tonight – lol. Notice is so pretty. I, too, am wondering if you are doing a solid…or adding other shades?

  • Jane

    That short sleeved sweater knit with CotLin is darling. I imagine you will enjoy wearing it. Clarity is one of my favorite shades of that yarn. Yes – we will get through this.

  • karen

    your sweater is beautiful and I love the photos! we have mostly gray days but yesterday the sun did come out for an hour or two and it was so so so nice. I think we have a cloudy forecast for the weekend but my fingers are crossed that it will change.

  • Margene

    We are still in the throes of winter (new snow) and gray skies. We had a minute of blue yesterday, but that’s the end of it for a few days. I’m slightly envious of your warming temps. Your Anker is just gorgeous! Notice will be a great look, too!