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TGIF | Hello March.

New month. new calendar page. otherwise same view. still dark-early.

My morning time starts around 5am which is dark-early here all year. It ends, though, sometime around 7am and this is the time of year that I really start to notice the light (my study window faces west … even without rain, there’s no direct light until later). I must say, there’s a certain energy that comes with daylight and I’m welcoming that as I wrap up these mornings! I journaled a quick TGIF list as I wrapped up this morning’s time … Hello March!

Thinking about … my closet. One of my projects for this year is to re-work my wardrobe. Marc spent a day Kon-Mari-ing his clothes last month and he inspired me to tackle this project sooner rather than later. I downloaded the Stylebook app (took a lot of photos) and started tracking my outfits. I’ll share more about all of this soon … so far I’m 21 days into tracking what I’m wearing and it’s helping me figure out what I like (and what I don’t) and it’s fun! At the outset, I committed to recording ALL my outfits in the app, which means having everything I wear (I’m not doing coats or around-the-house things) recorded. It also means actually dressing in something every day. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in just three weeks!

Grateful for … Marc’s level-headedness. He is a much-needed voice (vs. the unhelpful one in my head) to stay calm about things that will work themselves out and ask questions when he thinks we should.

Inspired by … our Women’s Ministry. The annual Gifts of Women service is Sunday. With the exception of one man, accompanying our Women’s Ensemble on the piano for the anthem, we will have two services led completely by women. I’m proud of all the women we have participating in and leading worship … and I’m especially proud of the ministry we do within and outside our church. This year’s bulletin insert talks about all the ways our ministry shows up. I wrote the words and our fantastic communications director compiled the piece.

You might need to click to read. Women are a powerful force. and I am so proud (especially today) of all we do.

Fun … Inspired by a few of you, I started following Ali Edwards again. and was completely taken in by her The Art of Noticing project. Sadly, I missed out on the stamps, but I did snag a notebook! I’m looking forward to cutting up some paper, journaling around photos … and paying attention.

I hope you’re looking forward to something fun this month, too! and I’d love to know if you’re planning anything to celebrate women … it is our month, ladies!


  • Kat

    Okay, Style book app? I am downloading to see what I can learn (and at my age! lol) Mornings have been brighter here, but that changes again this weekend… so a few more weeks of dark early again, sigh.

    And, I am needing Steve to feel some concern for things happening…(and my Rachel… hello, oblivious??!!) I am not a “the sky is falling” person, but some things make me concerned.

    Sending you good thoughts for a very quiet and restful weekend xo

  • Karen

    Awhile ago, I purchased the book “The Curated Closet,” and it has helped me think about my wardrobe, and what is really needed. We live in an old house with small closets, so I have clothes in two places, and off-season clothes stored in the attic. For February I chose clothes for the month, and stuck to wearing only those. It worked really well, and improved the decision-making process. I plan to do the same each month for a year, and eliminate the clothes that don’t make a rotation or don’t get worn during a rotation.

  • Kym

    Very COOL things, Mary! (And thank goodness for those steady-freddie forces in our lives, non?) I’ll be eager to hear about what you’ve learned from Styleapp!

  • Juliann

    I need to check out that style book app. I am hoping to go hear Courtney Carver speak in a few weeks – hoping it isn’t cancelled. Even the churches are cancelling worship this weekend.
    Hope your service is wonderful.

  • Carole

    My closet needs some attention, too. As much as it’s fun to get a box from Stitch Fix, sometimes I wind up with things I just don’t wear and I need to reevaluate that. Hooray for having husbands who bring wisdom and perspective to situations.

  • Sarah

    I don’t know if I’ll go full-out KonMari, but I need to do a scrupulous clean-out of my closet. So much of what’s in there is from 30 pounds ago, so I really should get rid of it so that I don’t have to dig for things that actually fit.

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things that your women’s group does — you are all so busy doing so many wonderful things, and it’s inspiring!

  • Sarah

    As to Marc’s KonMari-ing last month, I hope he remembered to say “thank you” to any article of clothing he got rid of…lol!

  • Alexa

    I will have to have a look at your recommended app … I did have a big clear out last autumn, but could do with some help in working out what suits me :). Many congratulations to you and your group on all your great ministry …

  • Lydia

    I’m going to do a closet purge this fall. There are a lot of work cloths I’ve had for 15 years that I don’t need, but someone else could certainly use. A lot will depend upon who successful I am with sewing my own wardrobe-especially those bottom pieces! I am also very grateful that Mars Hill has a very long history of embracing and encouraging women to minister and lead. I’ve learned so much from being part of that church. Happy Monday!

  • Patty

    I too have an old house and little closet space. Though I generally throw a couple times a year I’m feeling like I need to do a BIG PURGE as well. There are items I’ve been holding on to because they are “nice” but I know I’ll never where them again. And here’s to the solid husband…he certainly rights my ship!

  • Vera

    Hmmm, I have not heard of that app. I did some major purging of clothes some years back and now each Fall and Spring I do mini purges. And not just clothes. I used to have a TON of purses – really. I’ve gotten rid of so much and pared down and really still have more than I need.

  • karen

    we did my husband’s side of the closet a year or so ago and it was fun. I go through and toss out what I don’t want every six months. Sometimes I’m brutal and sometimes I’m gentle. Same with the tee shirt drawer. I can only fit a finite in the drawer and it makes me cull. Can’t wait to see your progress.