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Hello, friends. I hesitate to say Happy Friday … it’s not at all happy for so many. and it’s full of uncertainty and concern for all of us. and yet. I just caught up with dozens of blogs and Instagram posts sharing stories of hope, love, resilience, and plain old common sense. This week has shown me the kind of community I knew in my heart was possible.

In the last 36 hours, our local schools closed indefinitely. My church closed for at least two weeks. The apartment building in my mom’s community announced a lock-down (she lives in a stand-alone cottage and can have visitors). Katie is working from home for at least the next 30 days (and of course the boys are home…indefinitely). Sara’s April/May trip to the US was cancelled. Marc bought groceries. I bought wine. We are fortunate.

Marc has big plans to get our yard in shape (the man is actually excited about pruning) for spring. I have big plans to knit/sew all the things. and maybe read a little too 😉

Thinking about … not overthinking! Anne Bogel announced she was postponing her Georgia book tour on Monday evening. My sister and I were disappointed, but how wonderful to know we’ll have a fun event to look forward to. One of the lessons from Anne’s book focuses on values-based decision making. I’ve been doing some work around my own values framework since I attended the Still and Still Moving seminar last month. and one of my core values is relationships. When I saw this graphic on Instagram yesterday morning, it made all the decisions about what to do, what to cancel, etc. seem so easy.

Grateful for … already being part of a strong, supportive on-line community. and the on-line tools that help us stay connected. I feel confident using (at least) one of those tools – Zoom meetings – to stay connected with folks I usually see in real life.

Inspired by … these words, from a daily read Marc shared with me this morning (source)

  • “Every hand that we don’t shake must become a phone call that we place.”
  • “Every embrace that we avoid must become a verbal expression of warmth and concern.”
  • “Every inch and every foot that we physically place between ourselves and another, must become a thought as to how we might be of help to that other, should the need arise.”

Social distancing can be hard. And it can create real issues, especially for those in at-risk groups who really need it to stay safe.

Fun … I shared this photo on Instagram this afternoon.

a double-debut for me and Deena!

A wonderful reminder of my Monday knitting time and the special friendships knitting can create … in person and virtually.

Wishing y’all a good weekend. Be safe. Stay well. and know I’m sending each of you a warm virtual hug!


  • Kat

    Perfect Friday post! But, you need to do better on your “social distancing”!! No more up close photos!!

    Have a lovely and quiet weekend! XO

  • Carole

    These are trying times, for sure. I am grateful for my love of reading and knitting and the community we share to get us through.

  • Sarah

    Mary, your attitude is great! I have no doubt that you’ll be fine for as long as you need to be.

    A thought just occurred to me — should some of us blog friends do a Google hangout or something similar and do a virtual knitting group?

  • Bonny

    Just what I needed to read this morning! I had to go to the grocery store here in NJ and the shelves were bare. At least it was better than Ryan’s experience last night; he got punched when he asked a guy not to take the milk out of his cart. I’m happy to socially distance myself from society at the moment.

  • karen

    pretty sweaters and like you I am thinking of all the knitting I could get done around here. My husband will be able to work mostly from home. Stay safe!

  • Patty

    Here’s to our wonderful on-line friends! Your sweaters are lovely ladies! We’re getting outside as often as we can (we’re still working at work…) but keeping safe distances for sure. The next week will be interesting!

  • Jane

    The Love Notes are beautiful and isn’t that just what we need right now – notes of love. Your words are very hopeful and makers I believe have quite an advantage during times like these. Our making can take us away from the constant news chatter, soothe, keep our hands busy so our heads will slow down all allowing us to make something by hand. And we have a lot of technology to keep us connected. Best of luck to your husband. It’s a bit early up here for yard work but the grass is greening up and spring will come.

  • Lydia

    I love the inspiration shared by Marc and it’s so true. I’m not so sure my Mom understands the need for quarantine, but we’re doing our best. There will be a Facetime lesson tomorrow in person, and no hugging for sure. I am so so grateful that at this time I can at least still get out and take a walk. Curb side pick up from Tower package for a case and 1/2 of wine is just icing on the cake. I’d rather be overly cautious now than sorry I wasn’t later. We are lucky to have alternate ways to stay in touch as well.