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Sometimes Mondays.

can’t help but make you smile.

Holly is back to regular morning walks beyond our little neighborhood. And the cherry trees have bloomed.

I bound off and blocked Nightshift yesterday

and got to wear it today – with another white blouse and jeans 😉 – because wow! it was SPRING!

I went to knitting this afternoon and seamed the sleeves on my purple coat. Mixed blessing that the weather appears to be perfect for me to wear it later this week. I also got to participate in the conversation about the Super Bowl, because y’all … I watched the WHOLE THING. Don’t ask me about the football (I do know the general gist of the game – Marc has family in Kansas City and they are HUGE fans … obviously happy today) because I am ready for any and all conversations about the commercials and the half-time show.

Also, I have learned a LOT about emojis! and is there one for the female symbol? I so wanted to include that between those clapping hands for the halftime show and had to settle for pink hearts. LAME, I know. Which commercial(s) did you LOVE?

In any event, all of this seems like a good way to prepare for the first week of a month that’s going to bring 2020 into focus. I am so very grateful for the beautiful weather. Those rays of sunshine – especially captured in a photo! – will for sure be getting me through some of the rough days ahead. If you didn’t have that where you live (or heaven forbid you did, and didn’t take a photo!?!!!), you’re welcome. Happy Monday!


  • Honore´

    I love those pink buds! Warm here – 62-65 but not 70s…could see a hint of green on trees as I drove home this afternoon. I enjoyed the Amazon/Alexa commercials, especially the one with the newsboy – didn’t pay much attention to the others.
    Congrats on your knitting finishes and I’m looking forward to your purple coat.

  • Karen

    Nothing but envy here. It will be April before we see any blooming trees. We did have sunshine and 45° today, but it will be back to serious winter by the weekend. Love the beautiful pinks and yellows of the Nightshift!

  • Sarah

    Love your Nightshift — especially in sunshine and accessorized with sunglasses! It was warm(ish) and sunny here yesterday, which was such a treat. Today it’s still mild but rainy, and there’s snow in the forecast for later in the week. I don’t think winter is done with us yet!

  • Vicki

    We are so far from blossoms of any kind, it’s hard to even imagine! So thanks for the photo!! We were thrilled to hit 50F on Sunday. 🙂

  • Kat

    Those flowers are such a sight for these eyes! Thank you! I loved the half time show and it’s brilliant statement. And, I was also loving the fact that women over 40 are truly fabulous! I love how your Night Shift (which really looks like Spring Shift) looks! Those colors together are divine and the colors are so perfect for you! Well done!

    Also, Pittsburgh spent most of the day in the 60’s yesterday and never dropped out of the 50’s overnight. And, I have Snow Drops welcoming me this morning (so yay for tiny blooms!)

  • Vera

    Look at those blooms! And the blue sky!! And you!!! Your Nightshift is fabulous and looks great with the white shirt (can’t believe no coat). It is mild here, but not that warm. Also rain here. I didn’t watch the game or the commercials (no surprise there).

  • Kym

    Even with a warmer-than-normal winter, it will be a very, very long time before we see any buds on the trees — or blossoms — so thanks for sharing yours! (I thought it was warm here yesterday when we topped out at 50!!!) I pretty much agree with your assessment of the Super Bowl commercials. I think my favorite was the Google remember commercial. . . Your Night Shift is lovely, Mary. And so perfect for spring! XO

  • Patty

    Your Night Shift is lovely! I do love those colors. My favorite ad…I liked the Google Remember ad and I did chuckle at the Jason Momoa ad. Unlike most of my New England counterpaaaahts I thought the Smart Park ad was just ok. Send some of that weather North ok??? 🙂

  • Carole

    Gorgeous Night Shift shawl! I just got yarn yesterday to knit one myself. I loved the Smaht Pahk commercial and also Alexa and many of the others you mentioned.

  • Lydia

    Love nightshift. Yesterday was a top down day, now I feel like I need an umbrella?! I got bored with the game by half time, but there were several commercials I enjoyed. Am also glad that we had a GT player on the winning team, and I think Mahomes is so darn cute too!

  • Alexa

    What fabulous weather! Gosh, that’s a hot summer’s day here :). Your ‘Nightshift’ is just gorgeous – perfect for the cooler mornings and evenings, I’m guessing.