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Five on Friday | Good Things.

Happy Friday, friends. I hope you’re finding some Good Things to celebrate this week … here are five of mine.

Thing One. The Polar Coat. It’s finished. It fits. It’s warm. I’ve worn it lots. and I LOVE it. Lydia took some photos when we met up for coffee last Friday.This might be my favorite indoor FO backdrop ever – the lobby of a nearby hotel and yes, that is a horse, coming through a wall of grass. The pockets are one of my favorite things about this sweater (well, aside from all those things I said already). I am so glad I included them!I wasn’t sure about the longer length (I’m 5’6″ tall) … again, good call to just go with the pattern.knits on knits 🙂 it’s great for layering!

Thing Two. The sun is shining. “Abudant sunshine” is our weekend forecast. Marc spent two hours at the driving range this afternoon.

Thing Three. Homeland’s final season premiered on Sunday and I finally watched the episode. Thankfully, I’d already listened to Sara’s podcast so I knew it was just “setting the table”. tense, but nothing terrible. I texted her after I watched that this might be the best way for me to experience the show!

Thing Four. My amaryllis are blooming.Is it weird that the green leaves are so much taller than the flowers?

two more buds still to open!

Thing Five. We had our neighborhood bookclub last night to discuss Educated – and a bunch of other things, including the recent publication of Layla Saad’s Me and White Supremacy (I pre-ordered the book and it’s beautiful; based on what I’m seeing on social media – which is still a closely curated feed! – the book is getting all the good attention it deserves). I mentioned (or maybe went on and on?!) about how impactful it had been for me last February when I worked through the free download materials. Our hostess ordered the book on the spot and said she’d read it with me. She also baked cookies.

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend … full of good things!


  • Kat

    Your amaryllis are lovely! Wow…what a wealth of blooms!! I have yet to watch Homeland or listen to Sara’s podcast. I was not sure which to do first, and I am going to take your advice of listen then watch!

    Your coat looks gorgeous! I am envious because that would absolutely not work for me, but I love it!

    Happy V-day and have an amazing weekend!

  • Bonny

    You’ve got so many lovely amaryllis blooms, with a couple more buds to open; what a show! And your Polar Coat is just perfect with pockets. (Plenty of room to slip a couple of cookies in!)

  • Carole

    These are all really GREAT things! I love your sweater coat, it looks wonderful on you and you’ve layered it perfectly. Once you said that was a horse I could totally see it but before you said it I was looking at it thinking . . . whaaaa is that? LOL

  • Lydia

    Those are some great photos! I’ll be checking out a book club nearby on Tuesday-not sure I’ll finish the book in time but I’m trying. Looking forward to lots of good things this weekend.

  • Sarah

    Goodness, Mary, you packed so many happy things into one post! Your coat looks fabulous and I love that you can wear it over a sweater (though I hope for your sake you don’t have too many instances where you have to)! The flowers look spectacular, too. And thanks for the heads up about Layla Saad’s book. I knew it was going to be published soon but didn’t realize it was already out. Must order it!

  • Jane

    The coat looks fabulous on you. What a great piece for layering and keeping warm. Your red amaryllis blooms are just right for February. We had a little sunshine in Nebraska this weekend – very welcome indeed. Happy belated Valentine’s Day.

  • Kym

    So many great things on a Friday (or when reading on a Monday, even). I love the coat — and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the pockets! The length is perfect for you. Nicely done! And, yeah. Your amaryllis leaves are going to town this year. 😉 Thanks for the link to Me and White Supremacy — and enjoy the sunshine.

  • Patty

    The sweater is perfect and the pockets were absolutely the way to go! Was your Educated discussion spirited? We’ve got one bloom left to go on the amaryllis…maybe we’ll have some green grass after that! 🙂

  • karen

    the sweater coat is stunning! I envy the flowers inside the house (Holly eats stuff…grr). We have endless sunshine right here right now and it’s doing me a world of good.

  • Vera

    LOVE your Polar coat. It just looks so fabulous on you Mary. The color, the length, the pockets, everything!! Your Amaryllis and the cookies look pretty good too – lol.

  • Margene

    The coat is amazing and from the weather you’ve had it’s no wonder you’ve worn it a few times already. I love the backdrop SO MUCH but not more than that stylish coat. Your amaryllis makes me miss mine all the more. The last of mine bit the dust last week. I am watching as snowdrops come up in my front garden and I’m wishing (so much) for spring!

  • Alexa

    Cookies and books and like-minded people to share them with – bliss! You look wonderful in your cosy coat (though the horse about to descend on you is rather alarming!).