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Dear February.

Dear February,

I realized this past week just how much I’ve been looking forward to you (not at all a new thing, except I apparently forget every.single.year. shame on me). Of course I wish you’d been just a little more consistent in what season you were bringing. Last weekend it was spring (or yikes, summer? yep, Marc wore shorts to golf!) and today it was freezing (literally. I had sleet on my windshield this morning). I must admit to a slight preference for winter leaning into spring. My post-holiday knit-for-myself thing has resulted in two new sweaters that are for sure for winter and I’d love the chance to wear them both enough to make me feel fine about washing and blocking them again before I put them away.

I was late putting my amaryllis bulbs out (maybe you could tell December that I much prefer her coming more than a week after Thanksgiving because. well, because.), so you are going to usher in the blooms I usually see in January. Red amaryllis are going to stand in for roses at my house and based on yesterday’s progress, I’m expecting bountiful blooms.

I love how welcoming you are to the later sunsets. I’m sure March appreciates you, too. We’ll be well into 11 (!!) hours of daylight before you turn things over … and that’s a most welcome transition.

Of course I also love a long weekend plopped right in the middle. A Monday without work is still a holiday from all sorts of things. (and I especially appreciate I have a valentine of 41 years … egads!! … thank you!)

Most of all, thank for you for another opportunity to appreciate the good things of right now, then turn the page, make a fresh start, look forward to what the next four weeks will bring, and say thank you.

xxoo, M.


  • Honore´

    A lovely “love letter” to February…and I’m looking forward to seeing the red amaryllis – have a great weekend!

  • Sarah

    I always look forward to February, not least because it’s a short month and it means that January is finally over, but it’s also nice to know that there’s chocolate to be eaten and to see a visible difference in the length of the days. I think perhaps getting your Amaryllis bulbs in late was a good thing — think how lovely they will look on Valentine’s Day!

  • Karen

    It’s lovely to read a tribute to February. Here in the Northeast, it’s hard to work up much enthusiasm, although I do love Valentine’s Day, and am fonder of February than I am of March. By March I am so tired of winter weather that we try to escape for part of it! Last year, we only made it to Wisconsin, which was no relief whatsoever.

  • Jeannie Gray

    Lovely letter to Feb! This winter’s weather has been so crazy! December is usually mild for us but was bitter cold, while February is normally bitter and somewhat snowy but so far, it has felt like spring.

  • Jane

    What a wonderful tribute to February and a good reminder to enjoy the current moment. May your amaryllis bring you much joy in the coming weeks.