Just Life

And | February 2020.

Checking in with my OLW today … and reflecting on the special place that February holds in this journey.

the holiday high has fully worn off. the decorations are packed away. maybe they aren’t. we have wonderful memories from the recent months. maybe we don’t. the bills come in. we have fun plans for spring break. maybe we don’t. the primary season is heating up. girl scout cookies arrive. it rains. it snows. it rains. it rains. the sun comes out. it rains. it’s cold. it rains.

and still. a friend’s mom falls and breaks her hip. a vulnerable senior’s son gets injured. a dear friend is hospitalized (for the second time this season) with pneumonia. a sweet husband loses his wife after an unfortunate fall. another friend gets a cancer diagnosis. another friend (actually many other!) celebrates a birthday.

and still. the cherry trees bloom. yep, every single February. they started a bit early this year, but those pink blossoms are holding strong. still. and.

Thank you again to Honoré for hosting these monthly check-ins. They are a meaningful part of my journey and I love seeing what y’all are up to as well. (and. 😉 )

p.s. you can follow my journey with this year’s OLW here.