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Welcome 2020 | And.

Hello friends. Two weeks into this new year and I am finally ready to share my One Little Word. I’m going to continue exploring the “both/and” thinking that Richard Rohr introduced me to last year, first in his interview with Krista Tippett and then with his books Falling Upward and Everything Belongs. For 2020, my OLW is And.

I’m still amazed at all I learned with Hope last year. I really had no idea where that word would take me and I traveled some truly marvelous – and helpful – paths. I trust this year will bring more of that same wonder and discovery, along with (sadly) more discomfort, discord and likely terrible news.

At the very least, this word – along with those five intentions – will be a helpful reminder that “we are not a combination of either/ors. We are just this multitude of both/ands, at any given moment.” (Krista Tippett, interviewing Brené Brown).

I look forward to sharing our journeys with these small and powerful OLWs through the monthly meet-ups that Honoré is hosting … beginning in just two weeks!

p.s. I thought I’d have this post ready to share a few hours ago, but turns out that very cool felt letter board (my Christmas gift from the little boys) is harder than it looks 😉


  • Kat

    I think this word has some interesting potential – especially in the “my way or the highway” world we live in. I also like how you took your time rolling your word out – I am trying to step back from being so regimented because that is the expectation – but rather examining why I am doing something – is it for me, or because “everyone” is doing it that way.

    The last few months of 2019 had some very unexpected and painful turns – things that made me stop and think about where do I want to be this year, next year, and beyond – for me, not because that is the expectation.

  • Karen

    Last year my word was “Yes!: It turned out that in many ways it was “Yes, and . . .” I’ve read “Falling Upward,” and am a huge fan of Krista Tippet. (Saw her do four interviews at the Chautauqua Institute in August), but haven’t listened to the Richard Rohr interview. It’s now on my list. I think “AND” has huge potential, and I’ll be so interested to see how you interact with it this year.

  • Carole

    I think this is a great word for you and your thought process in choosing it is excellent. I look forward to seeing how you work it into your life.

  • Bonny

    That is an original and interesting word choice! The older I get, the more I realize that people and situations are rarely just one thing — not solely good or bad, nice or mean, black or white. We (and our thoughts and actions) are so much AND, and I look forward to your exploration this year!

  • Sarah

    For such a small word, it opens up so many possibilities, and it think it will be a great one for you. I also really love your intentions — I think many people would benefit from them, and it would make the world a much kinder place if we all adopted them.

  • Kym

    Oooooo! I can’t wait to see your word unfold this year, Mary! What an exquisite choice!

    It looks like you’ve got the felt letter board thing down. 🙂 (I had to get rid of mine because I just never could get the hang of that thing, and found it overly frustrating.)

  • Patty

    I absolutely love your choice. I could stand to work on my somewhat black and white thought process. I don’t do anything formal but I’ve chosen the word “next” for this year. I’m already having a million thoughts about it! 🙂

  • karen

    so much potential in one wee word! When I finish reading Grant (if!) I have a Rohr book to delve into. I am upping my reading time to get Grant down but a big big book takes a long long time.

  • Jane

    I am a big fan of both/and instead of either/or. I think many of the world’s problems would be better approached with this philosophy. This word has lots of potential and am anxious to see where it takes you. Welcome 2020.

  • Margene

    And is THE best OLW ever! Since you are one of the best at living your word and immersing yourself in your word following your journey will be very interesting!

  • Alexa

    What a great word! I can see lots of potential for this … As I am a lover of ‘both/and’, it appeals to me. Hoping your word really finds its home in your life this year :).

  • Lydia

    Interesting word choice-look forward to seeing where it takes you. Wow-that’s a LOT of little pieces, but what a cool gift!