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Unraveled Wednesday.

Hello friends – apologies for my silence in response to the lovely stories y’all shared on Friday’s post. I’ve been taking a little break from my inbox and blog-land and I’m almost ready to dive back in. Please know I have read and appreciated all your comments and I look forward to replying and reading about what you’ve been up to. maybe tomorrow? for sure by next week!

One little step to get me back in the groove is this mid-week meetup. I’m grateful (yet again!) to Kat for hosting us and giving me a good reason to update my knitting on Ravelry and my reading on Goodreads.

On the knitting front, I finished Soldotna and I love it! I’ve actually worn it twice this week (winter returned to Georgia on Monday) and I can’t wait to share photos with y’all. Yesterday, I cast on another wintery sweater – the Polar Coat I shared a few weeks back.

I’ve had the yarn in my stash since 2010 (when Debbie Bliss discontinued it and the shop had it major on sale) and I am so happy to finally be turning it into a sweater. Between this and Soldotna, I freed up a whole shelf (for books!). Please note the yarn really isn’t that bright in real life, and the green flecks really do pop. The sun is shining brightly through the window and I’m not gonna complain one bit (or try to adjust the lighting or color in the photo!)! This project is a whole lotta stockinette on size 10 needles. I figure I’ll have a few weeks of winter to wear it once it’s finished … and if not, hey, spring is always welcome!

On the reading front, I finished Educated (loved it) and The Stationery Shop (liked it)*. I’m now catching up on podcasts and reading The Ten Thousand Doors of January (it’s the February pick for Modern Mrs. Darcy’s bookclub). I’m only a few pages in and I already have highlights. Snuggled under a blanket in January, this description of Kentucky-in-August almost made me want to shed a few layers:

“The sun hangs twice as hot and three times as bright as it does in the rest of the country, even at the very end of August, and everything feels damp and sticky, like the soap scum left on your skin when you’re the last one to use the bath.”

I think I’m going to love this one!

Pulling all this together – a great knitting finish and a fun project on the needles, two good books finished and one more in progress – has really put a smile on my face. What’s put a smile on your face this week?

Thank you for sticking with me 🙂

*I’m thinking most of my readers are already seeing my “reviews” on Goodreads and I don’t need to post them here as well. If that’s not right, please let me know. Not that those reviews are necessary reading, I just want to be sure I really am sharing all the thoughts, which is one way I’m “reading better” this year!


  • Kat

    I can’t wait to see you Soldotna! You flew through the knitting of it! And, you h ave a good start on your new sweater as well – good knitting is always smile worthy!

    I am happy to announce that sleeve easing + plaid matching worked well – and the plaid matches where I wanted it to so I am calling that a win! Add that to all the sunshine we had today as well and it is a day full of smiles here!

    I am reading Fever and really struggling getting into the story. I will push through to finish but I am not so impressed with the book thus far.

  • Karen

    I’m thinking I need to take a break from my inbox and the blog reading in order to get more done! Impressive accomplishments, again. Actually, until today, I’ve been out of the house more than I’ve been in, so a lot less reading and crafting time than usual. Hope to catch up on the weekend, which looks unusually quiet.

  • Jane

    I look forward to seeing photos of the finished Soldotna. The Polar Coat looks like an ambitious project but the size ten needles ought to help. I think taking a break from social media is a fine thing to do. Kudos to you. I loved Educated. What a story. Take good care.

  • Alexa

    You are such a fast and accomplished knitter :). This piece looks as if it is going to be lovely too. Clearing space for something new to makes its way to us sounds like such a good January task …

  • Carole

    You are allowed to take breaks from your inbox and blog whenever you choose – isn’t that a wonderful thing? I’m glad you’re enjoying your knitting and reading these days.

  • Sarah

    I’m looking forward to seeing your Soldotna, though I already know it will be adorable on you! I’m sorry the weather down south has necessitated a sweater, but I’m guessing you’re not too sad to have the opportunity to wear it.

    I’m glad to hear you loved Educated. I thought it was a really powerful memoir, even though it was very hard to read at times.

  • Bonny

    I’m also looking forward to seeing Soldotna! I have a hard time thinking about wearing winter sweaters in the south, but family members in FL have shared just how cold it is. When frozen iguanas fall out of the trees, it’s time to put on a sweater!

  • Kym

    CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE COAT!!! And those green flecks are FABULOUS!!! (Soldotna may be the quickest knit ever. I’d like to think it’s because the colorwork is so much fun to knit . . . but I’m thinking it’s actually the cropped (ish) length. And the no-sleeves bit of it . . . ) XO

  • Patty

    It’s kind of nice to disconnect from the “regular” activity. In January I’ll bet I’ve watched 60% less television that I generally do and it’s been great. March Madness is coming though…Doug watches BB and I watch everything! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your projects.

  • Vera

    Can’t wait to see Soldotna and your Polar Coat will be GORGEOUS!!!

    Yay for stepping away from the computer/IPad/whatever for awhile. It’s sort of cleansing, isn’t it?

    I think I’m in the minority – I did not enjoy Educated…it rather annoyed and bored me (both at the same time!!).

  • Lydia

    Can’t wait to see the finished objets and I LOVE the purple. Lemongrass got frogged, but I’ve already started a cable-y pullover in it’s place. I think I’m going to have to cave in and buy MT chunky for that pattern to work. I’m going to free up some more space in my cubbies before I do that though- Happy Saturday!