Unraveled Wednesday.

Are we really a full week into 2020 already? I’m in that weird place where time seems to be speeding by and standing still at the same time. At least this week I’ve got a firm handle on what day it is 😉

And I am so happy to be getting back to the routine of sharing about knitting on Wednesdays. I have two projects on the needles – Nightshift, looking a bit more colorful since I shared a photo on Friday.

on Ravelry here

I am nearly done with the 5th (of 9 planned) repeat. Adding 20 stitches with each repeat, the rows are getting longer and longer (and slower and slower). The balls of yarn are still huge. I suspect this is going to be on the needles for a while!

My second project, however, should be much quicker. That “sorting through my stash” I talked about on Friday led to swatching Saturday morning and a colorwork pullover cast-on. Yep, it’s Soldotna (not-so-cropped). I know I’m late to the party (just like with Nightshift), but this is a FUN – and fast knit!  Here it is on Sunday afternoon
and today

on Ravelry here

I’m meeting a friend to knit tomorrow and my plan is to be ready to try it on to assess the yoke depth. Now that I’m through that “arrows” chart, it’s totally doable. Those gray arrows on a cream background were a challenge … it’s only counting to 3/2/3/2 … but I’m sure y’all know just how hard that can be! especially when the colors look the same except in just the right light!

One thing that’s nice about being late to the party is that I have the benefit of learning from 3,000+ completed projects (including a few of yours – thank you for your notes!). I’m planning a not-so-cropped version that will show off untucked shirt-tails or high-waisted gathers.

The stash toss also popped two more projects to the top of my queue

Most of the “queue updates” I share here seem to fall into a black hole before they actually reach my needles. Maybe because I have the yarn for these – and that Polar Coat has been in my queue for years (I’ve had the yarn since 2010?), that won’t happen?!

What’s on your needles? Be sure to check out the link-up party at Kat’s to see more unraveled updates!


  • Kat

    Ooo! I love your yarn choice for Soldotna! And, I love your colors for your Nightshift!

    And, your “future knitting queue” looks fun too! (Although that Polar Coat… oh boy, that looks lovely but so.much.kntting!) And, I love the colorwork detail that Jennifer does on her sleeves! I have my mind set on knitting a design of hers this year!

  • Jane

    These are two beautiful knitting projects. I’d really like to try a sweater with a colorwork yoke. The designer you mention – Steingass is so prolific. Last night I went through my queue and made it into a real queue. This past year I fell into adding patterns to the queue that I liked so I didn’t lose track of them. I created a new favorites bundle called possible projects for these patterns so I can really use my queue. Duh – what took me so long. I admire the way you mix up the colors in your knitting.

  • Carole

    I love the colors you have going for your Soldotna! That’s a style that would look terrible on me but it will be adorable on you with your shirttails peeking out. I’m knitting a cowl but as soon as that’s done I’m starting a Kaffe coins cowl with Felted Tweed.

  • Sarah

    I love your subtle color choices for your Soldotna! I’m sure you’ll be done in no time, even with making it not so cropped.

    While I don’t have it in my Ravelry queue (because I am bad about using it), my next big project is going to be a Jennifer Steingass pullover. I bought the yarn last February, I think, so I just have to swatch.

  • Bonny

    I really like both of your projects; you’ve chosen great colors! I’m back to Hitchhikers on the needles, but contemplating finishing a warm sockhead cowl so I can still wear it this winter. And then there is the pair of socks for my sister that has been unfinished for an embarrassingly long time. Her birthday is in February …

  • Kym

    Lovely projects, Mary! The Soldotna not-crop will go so quickly for you. It just flies . . . and then NO SLEEVES! 🙂 My Night Shift shawl was my favorite knit of 2019. (I think color-changing projects go so much faster than solid color projects.)

  • Alexa

    Such gorgeous colours in that Nightshift … and I like the pattern and shape of the cropped jumper too (followed your links to get a sense of the final product). You seem to be raveling nicely, rather than un-raveling!

  • Karen

    Both of your projects are beautiful! I love the colors of the first, and the colors and pattern of the second are truly classic!

  • Patty

    Oh thanks for putting me under the Steingass spell! She’s got some beautiful patterns there. Your Nightshift is coming along nicely. I’ve got a fiber event to attend 1/26 and I imagine that yarn for that project will be my #1 hunt.

  • Honore´

    Ditto everyone’s comments and choices…so good to know that U have projects that have been waiting forever…I appreciate the company . Knit on!

  • Vera

    Such lovelies Mary! You have an eye for color and you knit so darn fast!! I do love that polar coat, though for me that would be a lifetime project – lol.

  • Lydia

    I love those Noro colors! I have my 3 sweaters still BUT they are all at the sleeve division point and one even has a sleeve started. I’m not going to count the 4 pairs of socks that are at various stages of completion! Happy Friday.