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Looking Back | December.

Ah… December. It is certainly one of the prettier months around here. and this year it was exceptionally full of smiling faces. and typically full of twinkle lights, fun cocktails, and knitting. The video version* also captures more moody skies, a quick binge through the latest Great British Bake-off Holiday and some very delightful little boy antics.

I finished five knits

Hard Cider :: Felix Cardigan :: Flax and Elwood :: Socks for me! (Ravelry links … and I know … I wasn’t very good about updating my projects!)

and TEN books!

I know this is only eight – the other two were for my small group, Sacred Rhythms and Names for the Messiah and I didn’t snag their photos when I finished them. Turns out a good Looking Back process really does require a good Looking at Now process, too.

Here are a few other thoughts about the month:

Best part – hands down, all the family time and I’m especially grateful Sara was here.

What worked – a day or two of downtime in between a crazy-for-me schedule of gatherings and parties. I love how these show up as skies and twinkle lights in the photo collage.

Favorite new thing(s) – new traditions (I hope) for Hanukkah and Advent; Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel (which Sara introduced us to)

Best entertainment – Sam on video 🙂

Did you find something new last month that you hope to continue into this year/next December? Do share!

And have a lovely weekend.

*I’m taking a break from the #1SE daily videos this year. It was getting to be a burden and as much as I LOVE the finished product each month, I was ready to lay down that daily to-do. I haven’t taken a video since that last midnight on NYE and it’s felt quite freeing. Marie Kondo talks about holding our things to see if they give us joy. I’m evaluating a few of my routines in this same light.


  • Carole

    I think it’s always a good idea to evaluate routines and habits and shake things up a bit. I’ve considered not doing the daily video but my family loves it so much that I’m continuing on. I’m impressed with all of your knitting and reading in December despite all the merrymaking!

  • Kat

    Wow, lots of making and reading for you! That is awesome! I really love how your Hard Cider turned out! That color is fabulous on you! But, the best part is all the family fun! December is so busy, but you packed so much more in – well done!

    I will be sad to see your 1SE go – I truly enjoy watching! I am continuing on with the progress – but I am not going to stress if I miss a day here and there.

  • Sarah

    I’m really impressed at how much reading you did given how much was going in December — but I guess that also explains how you got so much knitting done!

    I’ve always enjoyed watching other people’s 1SE videos but have never done it myself because I figured it was a big commitment to remember to do it every day. I’m glad you’ve decided that you can let it go, though I’ll miss seeing your videos.

  • Karen

    I’m another one impressed by the knitting and the reading. The reading alone would impress me, but with the knitting I’m quite amazed! One would expect with all that lovely family time, that less would be accomplished rather than more. For sure, it’s the family time that meant the most to me in December.

  • Bonny

    Count me in with everyone else that has remarked on all the knitting and books completed despite the busy December! I love those socks and hope you will have more on the needles as opera season begins again, and happy you’ll be joining in with us to discuss Fever!

  • Vera

    December was certainly chock full for you Mary! So much you accomplished and so many social things going on. I will miss your monthly recaps (and your wind chimes!!), but I totally understand.

  • Alexa

    Gosh, that’s a lot of reading along with all the knitting – not to mention all those Christmas festivities bundled in as well. A very well-lived month :). Letting go of things which we have moved beyond or have become burdensome rather than energy-giving sounds a useful place to be starting the New Year – a kind of space-clearing?

  • Vicki

    I’m a bit partial, but I love your socks!! 😉

    My “daily” videos have never been daily! Sometimes I’m short, sometimes I get multiple “days” out of one event, and sometimes I use “stock” videos (things that I might not have actually done but that are things that I do on the regular — even if not that month — such as winding yarn, cooking, etc.) But I TOTALLY get it. There’s also the cool feature of that app for making “event” videos instead of dailies…

  • Lydia

    December felt less hurried than before, but I do wish I’d made it a point to get out and look at the lights in the neighborhoods nearby. Something I used to do all the time when the boys were little, so I guess I need to bring that tradition back!