FO Friday | Soldotna.

Remember when I finished a lot of things last month and told y’all it’s because I only count FO’s in the month they’re done. This month I have only one. Thankfully, it’s a good one … Soldotna!I’ve worn this a few times (can you see those wrinkles?!) since I finished it on the 19th. Black jeans, blue jeans, white top, chambray top, short boots, tall boots … ALL GOOD! Y’all I love this sweater!

The yarn is Ístex Plütulopi and it might be my new favorite yarn for stranded colorwork – it’s unspun Icelandic wool and sometimes it seemed to simply fall apart when I looked at it the wrong way. Ah, but it splices (no spit required) back in a jiffy and oh my goodness is the finished fabric fine. and the halo. oh my.

I did add a bit of length (the project is named Soldotna Not So Cropped for a reason) and made a few other modifications that felt right (all are documented in my Ravelry project). So far I’ve only layered with an un-tucked blouse. 

I do think it would be cute with a fuller pant/skirt, and for me, it needs to be one with a defined waist. I don’t have something like that in my wardrobe right now. I do however, have plenty of jeans and white/chambray shirts, so I’m happy!

Still … I miss having Katie take these FO photos 😉

Happy Friday y’all! and happy End of the Longest Month. Ever!


  • Honore´

    Great piece and it looks great on you! Wear in the best of health! Curious minds want to know: Who did take the pics? They’re great!
    Happy Weekend!

  • Alexa

    Fab-u-lous! You look very elegant in it, and I can see how it gives warmth yet does not restrict movement. One of the nicest I’ve seen on you :).

  • Sarah

    It looks adorable on you! I just love the halo, too. I agree that anything that’s a bit cropped does need something with a defined waist. I actually wore mine a couple of times over the summer (only at work, where the air conditioning is a bit aggressive) over a fitted dress, and it looked really cute that way. If I knew how to sew, I’d whip up a more seasonal dress to go with it — I know that you have those skills! But it looks darling with the untucked shirt and slim pants.

  • Jane

    What a darling sweater! You and the sweater are a perfect match. I’ve always wondered about that yarn. I agree the halo looks soft and wonderful. And I love the wardrobe of jeans and chambray shirts. I am a big fan of comfort and ease in clothing.

  • Kym

    That turned out so nicely, Mary! 🙂 I can’t wear anything knit out of Lopi (or Lopi-like) yarns. Too. Itchy. Which is too bad, because it’s such nice yarn and comes in every color imaginable. You look adorable! XO