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Five on Friday.

In honor of Friday and Tsh Oxenreider’s latest The Good List episode (about the joy of a super short story), today I have five photos from this past week and a super short story to share with each. I do not have the gift of writing fiction, so these stories are – at least as best I recall! – true.

Sunday was perhaps the prettiest day we’ve seen all year, with abundant blue skies and temperatures in the sixties. It felt weirdly wonderful to put on a sleeveless top and a cotton sweater for church.

Wednesday’s opera was Wozzek. I’m honestly not sure I enjoyed it. The performances were amazing and the production was a work of art and genius. but it felt like a bad dream. (also, my mom told me that the last pair of socks I knit her hadn’t worn well at all – seriously, y’all – there’s a big hole in one and a soon-to-be hole in other … I spent time this morning searching for “long-wearing sock yarn” and ordered two skeins to try. I’ll report back.)

Thursday morning Marc and I walked – to the lake – together – for the first time in months. I stopped for a few minutes to take a photo of these #blueskyblooms and then had to run to catch up (he doesn’t stop walking for photos).

Carole recommended these twinkle lights and I ordered them … then waited two weeks for batteries (don’t ask!) … finally ♥

My sister and I enjoyed a delightful night out last night. We started with dinner out at a new Italian place (that’s an arugula salad with pears, chickpeas and gorgonzola; a fig, prosciutto and arugula pizza; and two glasses of chianti). The food was delicious and the conversation was even better. We talked a lot about reading and I’ve been convinced to host Summer Book Bingo again. Karen reminded me that we’ll have maybe the longest possible “summer reading season” this year (Memorial Day Saturday through Labor Day Monday is a few days more than fifteen weeks!) … more details forthcoming. in a much longer story!

Do you have a super short story to share from your week? We’d love to read about it!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends – see you back here next week!


  • Kat

    I had a friend send some much needed words this week… much needed! I also did some spinning and that felt so good! This weather though… crazy! Winter has arrived back with snow and ice – with more of that forecast for the weekend!

  • Juliann

    Oh that dinner sounds heavenly!
    After a long, mostly snow bound week, I am hoping for enough rain and warming to melt the ice on our street.
    And summer book bingo planning sounds fun too.

  • Jane

    That salad looks divine. A super short story – I worked on a shawl. The colors are not working out the way I had hoped. I set it aside to think what to do next. In the meantime, on this day of snow then sleet, I cleaned out two file drawers and rewarded myself with a cup of tea and knitting on a baby sweater. The sweater is coming along nicely.

  • Sarah

    I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s socks, but in all honesty, my 100% merino socks have never held up very well. The oldest socks I have are all that European wool/nylon stuff — not the softest, but it sure is durable!

    My good story for the week was that my husband and I went to a little gathering/info session about middle school (at my daughter’s school, middle school is 5th through 8th grade, which means she starts next year, yikes!). I can’t believe she’s so old already, but from what we heard, it sounds like she will do just fine.

  • Vera

    Short story:. Went grocery shopping early. Saw the first flakes on my way home at 10. Cars, street, yard, driveway all covered in white stuff now. Oh, and chili simmering on the stove for dinner.

  • Honore´

    Enjoyed your “ illustrated short stories.” And that salad looks so yummy.
    Have a good start to the week.

  • Patty

    Yay for book bingo! Short story…We enjoyed dinner with some folks that we hadn’t dined with in five years and made arrangements for our annual out-to-eat with Doug’s (and now my) H.S. friends. And Doug doesn’t wait for me either…he just keeps on walking and yells ARTSY FARTSY! 🙂

  • Vicki

    You might ask your mother if she’s wearing her socks any differently. My stepdad complained about his slipper socks wearing out… turns out, he’d wear them while walking on the (highly textured/non-slip) treadmill!! Well, duh. (He did not get a replacement pair… on yer own, buddy!)

  • karen

    I have an incredible urge to ask about the battery mishap….I try to resist. Love that photo of you in the sunshine wearing a knit 🙂