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TGIF | Hello December.

Hello friends and welcome to this year’s final edition of TGIF | Hello. I really love the challenge of framing a monthly look ahead with only four words that start with T, G, I, and F. And I almost always end up searching words that start with one of those letters! This month was no exception. See if you can spot the letter that challenged me:

Twinkle Lights. also candle light. and the soft glow of the lamps that light my desk and my knitting chair.

Gatherings. of friends. family. faithful women. Yesterday morning, I led my women’s circle lesson and enjoyed a delightful potluck luncheon. In the afternoon, I gathered with knitters in my mom’s community (for our regular bi-weekly “knitting with Mary”). And last night, I hosted our neighborhood bookclub’s holiday gathering (and yikes, it was today when I finally went to bed!) Tomorrow afternoon I’m playing host for (hopefully!) a big Advent Gathering of faithful women at church. Next Saturday is our annual family cookie exchange – my mom is hosting and Katie, Lydia, Karen and I will bring cookies and snacks and we’ll have a grand time baking lebkuchen and sharing stories. Sunday, a smaller family group is going to see A Tuna Christmas.  Katie has invited us for a Hanukkah celebration. and our big family gathering will be after Christmas … and whew. all in a good way!

Ideas. for 2020. starting to percolate. a new One Little Word. perhaps new intentions. projects. goals. dreams.

Full week. yep, that’s how long Sara will be with us later this month! She arrives the Saturday before Christmas and leaves the Saturday after. Of course, with Christmas and the aforementioned Hanukkah celebration, our week is “full” in more ways than one.

Full week also describes this one, and Marc and I are looking forward to an evening at home, with pizza and a little Great British Holiday Baking Show to recharge. I need to stockpile some quiet time to prepare for tomorrow. I’ll also be looking forward to quiet time afterwards to recover. December can be tricky for us introverts 😉  Wishing you the things you need to be your best self! Happy Weekend!


  • Honore´

    A full week indeed! Do rest up and the very best tomorrow with your Advent Gathering! I guess F…

  • Kat

    what an insane week! Only you could pull all that off with the grace which you do! And last TGIF? wait, what?

    I am hoping your weekend is wonderful! XO

  • Bonny

    Don’t scare me; there are three more Fridays this month (and I need every one of them!) Or am I confused about when you do TGIFS? Anyway, I’m with everyone else that you’ve got a full week ahead, but I hope it is enjoyable. We’ve got Cookie Day tomorrow, and I’m tired from making chili, baking cookies for three hours, making dinner tonight, and wrapping presents. I’m actually looking forward to the trip to MD on Sunday because it means at least two hours of knitting time (plus I’ll be listening to The Night Circus!)

  • Sarah

    And here I thought my life was busy — I get tired just reading all you have planned! It all sounds like a lot of fun, though, and I’ll bet you’re counting down the days until Sara comes home and the whole family can celebrate together.

    • Patty

      I think I’m in December denial! 🙂 2 feet of snow this week and a trip to Denver next week have made it easy to push it out of my mind! Wishing I could join your gathering this afternoon for some reflection and Christmas spirit! Take care Mary and grab the peace and quiet when it’s available!

  • Alexa

    Your tree is looking very lovely … and it sounds as if there will be plenty of twinkly love to share around this month, with all those events and people involved. I’m guessing the I might have challenged you?

  • Margene

    This month is the most challenging of the year. I pretty much shut down and participate in very few activities. One party a week is my limit. You handle all of this with grace and know how to recharge when you need. Lights are my favorite part of the month. January is so dark after all the bright light shows of December.

  • Lydia

    Now that I am fully on the mend I’m looking forward to a very unfilled week; just one big meeting and a couple trips to shop for holiday bits. I am also prepared in the event that my week gets unexpectedly filled.

  • karen

    A full week is fantastic! Our daughter and son in law will be here from 21-26 and our son with his girl friend (!) 23-27. It will be chaotic and messy here but I am going to do my best to BE IN THE MOMENT. Wish me luck 🙂

  • Jane

    That tree with all the lights is picture perfect. Your week sounds wonderful. You will love having your Sara home for a week. I am happy for you. This month is challenging for those of us who are introverts and time to recharge is essential. I have some packages to mail this week and have attended two gatherings of good friends. We have some family time ahead with extended family – all good. I try to be gentle with myself and do the things that bring meaning and joy to the season.