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Five Good Things.

Hello friends. and Hello Friday … evening! Whew, what a week. Marc has the President’s Cup* on behind me – LIVE golf on a Friday evening! – because it’s being played in Australia where it’s already tomorrow (and summer!) and it’s such a soothing background.

I wasn’t feeling nearly so calm earlier today because my kitchen looked like this

in order to create these

plus cranberry oatmeal cookies (still in the oven) and lebkuchen dough for our annual cookie exchange gathering tomorrow.

While I’ve been baking this afternoon, I’ve been trying to think about good things. and I thought y’all might need a little “good things” therapy, too.

  1. My kitchen smells amazing.
  2. I finished knitting the boys’ sweaters. (since this is a post about Good Things, I will not talk about all the finishing I still have to do.)
  3. I finally sewed the buttons onto my Felix Cardigan. I also wore it today and I love it … and promise photos soon!
  4. I found my place again knitting Hard Cider (my Christmas sweater) and love that it matches my latest book
  5. and tonight’s beverage of choice.

Which seems like a perfect way to end this list.

What Good Things did you encounter today/this week? Here’s to finding a few more this weekend!

* Quick Golf Tournament Lesson: The President’s Cup is an international golf tournament, featuring the USA vs. The World Except for the EU. The Ryder Cup is the USA vs. The EU. The tournaments alternate years, so the USA plays every year and the non-EU/EU players alternate. As Marc explained this to me so I could explain it to you we had an interesting discussion about how Brexit might affect these tournaments. and I must say, it’s the first discussion about the whole Brexit thing that hasn’t made me want to curl up and cry.


  • Kat

    I will pass on all this golf stuff, sorry that is about as fascinating as watching paint dry. (And I played golf for a good number of years)

    My Friday night included some Christmas Cocktail Music (courtesy of Spotify), some good eats, and a Toronto Cocktail!

    I love that you got some buttons sewn on! And, boy sweater finishes!! Big things, indeed!

  • Debbie

    Both your cookies and your knitting projects are looking good!
    I’m currently reading the same book and I look forward to the discussion next month.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Sarah

    It’s a shame that you can’t transmit the smell of your kitchen through the internet!

    I’m sure Marc is enjoying the golf, but I really only think of it as good white noise in the background. I’ve found it works really well when I want to take a nap!

  • Bonny

    The winning trifecta of matching your book, beverage, and knitting! Good things here include surviving the post office yesterday, hat knitting continues apace, and an impromptu dinner with John’s brother and sister tonight. Sure, I have to go to the grocery store, get the makings for lasagna, make the lasagna, and schlep it over to his brother’s house, but it should still be a fun evening (one where I can knit!)

  • Honore´

    Lotsa good things…I remember many more posts in your kitchen – even down to the smells (I jest) – when Sara was home and making fantastic-sounding (and I’m sure, tasting) cookies, other dishes …she arrives soon and I look forward to reading about to her new culinary skills…Congrats on the boys’ sweaters and thanks for the golf lesson.
    Enjoy the cookie exchange.

  • Jeannie Gray

    Goodness! I think I just gained weight looking at the cookie photo. Yum!! I love the yarn you used for your Felix. I have the pattern in my Ravelry queue and one of these days…. Perhaps it will be my Christmas Eve cast on project.

  • Jane

    Mmm – cookies. I plan to bake this coming week. My plan is to try one new recipe along with several tried, true, and traditional (at least for us) cookies. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without my Gram’s Spritz cookies. I love it when yarn and book coordinate. Last week I bought a skein of Rowen Felted Tweed to knit a little something – checking gauge for a sweater I would like to knit. Your recommendation of the yarn steered me toward it in the yarn shop. My sister and I were out browsing last week. So many pretty colors.

  • Lydia

    I never thought about Brexit impacting golf [and probably other tournaments]. I’m looking forward to reading and discussing Fever-guess I’d better request a copy so I can start reading it! Happy Monday.

  • Vera

    Looks like you had a busy day (but productive, and fun and good things). Like Kat, I’ll skip the golf – lol. I started cookie baking this weekend.

  • Vicki

    I haven’t done any substantial baking at home in years! Ali brought over some cookie dough, though, so maybe we’ll do some cut-outs and the kids can decorate (they’re so into decorating this year!).

  • Margene

    You are a busy elf with knitting for the boys (and yourself), baking dozens of cookies, reading a book, plus finishing sweaters for you and the boys. The world is aligned when your knitting, reading and drinking are all in the same color family.

  • Alexa

    Your baking looks delicious … and I think your worktop looks very tidy! Some lovely wine colours in your knitting :). Just the mention of Brexit makes me cry.

  • Ann

    Um, no. The Davis Cup is tennis not golf. The alternate year event to the President’s Cup that you’re describing is the Ryder Cup. Tell Marc he needs to watch more golf. haha. I’m surprised no one else in the comments wrote this before me.

    -Yes, my husband’s obsessed with golf. Sigh.