Just Life

Around Here.

we had a very fun sleepover with the little boys Friday night, including new pillowcases

cookie decorating,

and a good night’s sleep for everyone 🙂

Which was especially good because Saturday evening we welcomed Sara

and Sunday afternoon we celebrated the first night of Hanukkah! Katie made a delicious dinner with latkes, smoked salmon, salad and jelly doughnuts; Marc made applesauce. I think this might be Sam’s first taste of a jelly doughnut. I think he’s a fan.

Then we waited for sunset to light the first candles on the menorah.

Marc also taught the boys to play the dreidl game … and declared the outcome a tie 😉

Yesterday we finished up our grocery shopping (because Costco on December 23 is lots of fun, right?!) and had a very fun Girls Night In with Katie. We cooked dinner (salmon, cauliflower and arugula salad), recreated the Irish Coffees* from Sara and Katie’s September visit to London,

and fell asleep re-watching the Hot Priest (aka Fleabag season 2). This was the first time Katie, Sara and I have had “just us” time since a quick lunch last December. I would love for a full night like this to become a tradition.

Today … the sun came out. Marc spent a few hours at the golf course. Sara and I took a four-mile walk in the park and then enjoyed “just us” time in the kitchen. Sara baking cranberry cheesecake for tomorrow and me taking a few photos to share – and remember – what it looks like around here on Christmas Eve.

these poinsettias spent much of this month in my study by the window, trying to grab all the bits of sunshine – it worked well!
this year’s amaryllis … week two
the last ornament on our Advent tree … that photo was taken in December 2009 … time flies!
♥ Sara’s head peeking from behind the sofa … she’s looking at photo albums we keep under the coffee table

We do still believe in Santa and even though he no longer fills these stockings, we’ll always hang them.

Around here, life is full of family, love, good food, and a nice mix of old and new traditions.

I do plan to be back here a few more times before 2020 begins… we’ll see! In the meantime, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, or hey, it’s Tuesday!

*coming soon to a Cheers post … as soon as I can replicate our results!


  • Carole

    Your home is so lovely, Mary, thank you for sharing it with us through these photos. Enjoy your time with your family, it must be wonderful to have Sara home and get to spend time with her and Katie together. Merry Christmas1

  • Honore´

    Happy Happy Holidays! So enjoyed the tour and sharing all the memories – the old and the new! Poinsettias are lookin’ great and what’s a Christmas without a trip to Costco? – mind you, I didn’t make such…
    See you whenever you pop back in!

  • Bonny

    I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying Hannukah! It must be wonderful to have Sara home, and I thank you for sharing your holiday photos. Your home is so lovely! Can’t wait for the Irish coffee post!

  • Lydia

    Am sure the boys had a great time with the new pillow cases and decorating cookies. I haven’t had a jelly doughnut in ages-bet they were delicious. So much good stuff around there!

  • Vicki

    We had such a busy month, I didn’t even get “alone” time with my girls… I’m going to have to jot down my priorities for the next time we get together (TBD).

    Your house looks so warm and cozy and inviting. Happy Holidays, Mary!!