A New-to-me Bookclub.

Last month I told y’all that I’d signed up for Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Bookclub. Yesterday I participated in my second book discussion, this month about Anna Quindlen’s How Reading Changed My Life. The meetings are virtual, with Anne and bookclub community manager Ginger as panelists and all the rest of us lively commenters on the sidebar. Last month Peter Heller was the author (we read Celine) and he participated in the meeting – which was very fun (and not only because he is just that cute in real life … yep, fan-for-life!). I’m honestly not sure how often the author attends these meetings, but I’m quite happy with the 50% rate so far!

The tagline on the MMD Bookclub site is “Where we’re learning to read better together” … and I can already see the impact on my reading life (and hopefully my goal to actually “read better”). Anna Quindlen writes about “a world in which people read, read constantly, avidly, faithfully … [where] books would be treasured, honored, even cosseted on special shelves.” (p. 24) This is for sure reading better … maybe even at its best?!

In addition to these monthly meetings, there is a very active online community (I haven’t figured much of it out yet, but I have written a few posts) and periodic classes. So far, I’ve participated in classes about book journaling and writing in your books. The journaling is about documenting what you read and want to read. I’ve fallen out of love with Goodreads and the journaling class has given me new things to think about. For now, though, I’m finding the 4×6 cards that Bonny suggested a perfect solution.

Of course these index cards live in my desk and I’ve gotten very much out of the habit of sharing my thoughts about what I’m reading. I need to figure out something for 2020, because I do think that the sharing aspect is important. and of course I love seeing what y’all think about books!

If you can read my writing on the card above, you’ll see I gave this book 4 stars. It was published in 1998 and still seems relevant. I appreciated her thoughts on how technology might change reading … or not. and of course all the Reading Love. She says the two books that make her a liberal were 1. the Bible and 2. A Christmas Carol (she’s a huge Dickens fan).

She includes 11 booklists at the end (it never occurred to me she was trying to pad the book, but a few MMD Bookclub folks suggested that) and I was surprised how few of those 110 books I’d read. I wasn’t that well-read back in the late ’90’s but I did read!

In any event, it’s a short book and one I think anyone who reads this blog would appreciate. Get it from the library, brew a nice cup of tea and settle in for a few enjoyable hours of reading. and enjoying the reading life.

Switching gears. Wow, how did it get to be Thursday evening already?! I really wanted to share this post yesterday, but

I visited Charlie’s class yesterday afternoon as the guest Parent Reader and then I had dinner, drove home, and well … it didn’t happen.

The boys are coming tomorrow for a sleepover (while their parents attend the last holiday party). I have a post in mind, but it might not happen until Sunday. Thank you for sticking with my crazy posting schedule!

and happy Almost Friday!


  • Sarah

    I’m intrigued by Anna Quindlen’s book, though I suspect I’m already the kind of reader she wants to create (if you could see the full bookshelves in my family room, I think you’d agree!). I am jealous that you are in a “real” book club — it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. One day!

    The photo at the end is the best. Those boys have such great smiles!

  • Carole

    I will look for that Anna Quindlen book although I think it will be like preaching to the choir. Dale and I watch A Christmas Carol every year and say that more on the right need to watch it and learn from it. Love that photo of you with your boys!

  • Bonny

    I loved being a guest reader for the boys’ classes! I miss those days and have tried to think of where I could read to children (or listen to them read), but living in two states makes that difficult now. Once we’re back to one house, I hope to get back to it. Enjoy the sleepover and I hope it produces great smiles like the last photo!

  • Debbie

    Thanks for sharing the info about the MMD book club, it is something I am considering for 2020. I love that picture of you & your little boys…so sweet! Have a great 4th Sunday of Advent weekend!

  • Patty

    I was a guest reader for Dan’s class one year (Lassie Come Home) and I started to cry! đŸ™‚ I’m an Anna Quindlen fan so will need to check that book out! (Little library humor there ha ha.) Wishing you a great weekend Mary…have fun with the boys!

  • Honore´

    Thanks for the in-depth review of MMD Book club…I may try it out in 2020. Wonderful pic of you and the boys…they are growing so fast! {deep sigh}… Enjoy the weekend!


  • Kat

    I have always wanted to be part of a book club… until I realized that you might have to read books that I have absolutely no interest in. That kind of killed it for me, but I am so glad you are enjoying yourself!

    I do miss your book reviews – and I hope you find a way to share them that makes sense for you!

    Have a wonderful weekend and an even better holiday season! XO

  • karen

    thank you for sharing your thoughts about the book club, I’m intrigued. Now I wonder if the sleep over will have a lot of sleeping or a little bit of sleeping and for whom??

  • Lydia

    Interesting concept-now that I’m finished binging on Endeavor maybe I’ll get a book or two read! Those 2 boys are so adorable.

  • Jane

    I started listening to the What Should I Read Next podcast this fall at the recommendation of a good friend. I keep meaning to go to the website and do a little exploring. This might prompt me to do so. I think the beauty of a book club is that sometimes I am pushed to read something I would never have picked up otherwise. Anyway I am going to give some thought to the MMD group. Enjoy those darling little boys. I hope the sleepover is a success.