Meeting Alice Hoffman.

Happy Monday, y’all! I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend. Things were good here, and pretty typical (more Jack Ryan, Saturday night snacks and college football, golf, church, etc.) except for yesterday afternoon. It’s definitely not typical that I get to meet an author whose latest book is a new favorite. and y’all – she’s not only an author, she’s a knitter!

I had the good fortune of arriving about 45 minutes early, just after Deena texted that she was outside on the patio, knitting with Alice Hoffman and her delightful assistant Katie. I am ever-so-grateful to Deena for taking this photo!

Fun fact – Alice is allergic to wool and only knits with cashmere.

They all had to depart for the green room and I had more time to enjoy the beautiful day and some good sock knitting

before the actual event.

Alice began with a short reading (the story about the mama wolf and her cub that Bobeshi tells Lea early in the book) … how wonderful is that tattered paperback copy that she’s carrying around 🙂 The conversation with Greg Changnon was enlightening and entertaining. A few more fun facts: this is the first novel about the Holocaust Hoffman’s ever read (obviously she’s not in the same bookclubs I am); she loves exploring emotion through folk tales; she did a LOT of research for this book (including trips to France and many interviews with Holocaust survivors); she has a personal connection with a  blue heron in her real life; and the third book in the Practical Magic trilogy is coming out next year (it’s set in the late 1600’s)!

All of that impressed me immensely, but then, when it was my turn in the signing line, she looked up at me and said “it’s Mary, right?” … and now I’m a fan for life.

Also, the book is Amazing!