Unraveled Wednesday | Birthday Socks.

Thank you to Kat for hosting our mid-week meet up to share what we’re making and reading. Today, I’ve got socks!

Ravelry link

These bright purple socks are for Sam who turns three next weekend and has chosen “purple dinosaur biscuit” – favorite color, favorite animal and favorite food – for his party theme.

Today is Opera Wednesday, the first of the 2019-20 season.  We’ll see Turandot, which features my favorite tenor aria.

Of course Pavarotti won’t be singing, but I’m sure the Met won’t disappoint. (nor will the super comfortable chairs we’ll be sitting in while we watch!)

…and I just might get that second sock done.

Happy Wednesday!





  • Vera

    Purple Dinosaur Biscuit – what a FUN party theme. Can’t wait to hear all about that one. The sock (and a partial) look great. Are these worsted weight? What size needle do you use? Enjoy your Opera Wednesday Mary!

  • Sarah

    Taking his cue, I’m declaring the theme of my next birthday to be Blue Puppy Chocolate!

    Nessun Dorma is my favorite, too, and certainly no one sang it better than Pavarotti. He’s the voice I hear in my head when I think of it.

  • Kat

    I learn something new every time I visit your blog, I swear! I had no idea what opera that song was from, but that is the most glorious and yes, I too love it. But, honestly – I am not sure if anything can beat Purple Dinosaur Biscuit parties. And, those socks… too cute!

  • Jane

    Purple Dinosaur Biscuit party sounds like a winning theme. The decor will be a wonderful statement of joy. Happy Birthday to Sam. Of course he should have some purple socks!