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Three on Thursday | Unraveled.

sock knitting at the Met Live in HD performance

Good morning, friends. Yesterday was an Opera Wednesday and much to our surprise, Manon is FIVE acts, with a run-time of over four hours. My best intentions to share an Unraveled Wednesday post fell apart when it was almost 6pm by the time I got home and walked the dog. So now I have the wonderful opportunity to join both Carole AND Kat with Three Things about my knitting and reading 🙂

Thing One. I am still not finished with Blaer.

Seaming sleeves, weaving in ends, picking up stitches and knitting button bands is all taking way longer than I thought it would. yikes, y’all. I’ve knit hundreds of sweaters and you’d think I’d know better. (or maybe I do and I’m just in denial?) Anyway, I have three more rows to knit and then I have to find buttons. and sew them on. I’m cautiously optimistic I’ll be wearing this by Saturday.

Thing Two. I finished, blocked and measured that pretty pink swatch.I wasn’t sure I wanted to knit a sweater at 6-1/2 stitches/9 rows to the inch, but my swatch measures perfectly and the yarn (Plucky Knitter Solo Fingering, a combination of merino and silk) is really nice at that gauge. So size 3 needles here I come!

Thing Three. The Book Festival in underway and I’ll be seeing Alice Hoffman on November 10!The book arrived yesterday and I think that gives me plenty of time to read it before the event. Thanks to Kym’s stunning review, I’m really looking forward to the reading … and the in-person meeting!

Thank you to Carole for hosting Three on Thursday and to Kat for Unraveled Wednesday.

Wishing everyone a safe and treat-filled Halloween!


  • Kat

    I adore your new cardigan choice! The patterning at the bottom is gorgeous! (And nice yarn/pattern match up!)

    The only cure for a sweater slog is to slog on… finishing a sweater in that category is even sweeter than you imagine!

    And, I am not sure I could sit through anything that long, you bet bonus points for doing so! (And, Happy Reformation Day!! XO)

  • Kym

    I’ve never seen Manon — did you like it? (So long, though . . .) I think the finishing details on a sweater – and especially button bands! – always take much longer than I think they’re going to. I guess it’s the optimist in me??? And I hope you like The World That We Knew. You’ll have to let me know. Happy Halloween!

  • Vera

    I love the pink you’ve chosen for your Olive Leaf Cardigan. It looks like a dusky rose and so soft looking too. I need to try some of those worsted weight socks – they’ve got to knit up quickly!

  • Sarah

    I’ve been knitting for several decades now, and seaming and button bands/collars always take like three or four times longer than I think they will. Always. So you are not alone.

    I love the pink yarn and the sweater, and though it will not be a fast knit, I predict it will be very wearable! I am currently wearing a sweater that I knit on size 2 or 3 (can’t remember) needles, and it is holding up great.

  • Margene

    Alice Hoffman’s books are usually great reads and Kym’s review made me want to read this one right away. Your new cardigan choice is a hit with everyone, including me.

  • Patty

    I admire you heading into the land of fingering weight sweaters! It will be spectacular. I’ve added that book and the Dovekeepers to my queue. I’ll be rooting for you to finish up Blaer!

  • Debbie

    Your Olive Leaf Cardigan is going to work up beautifully in that pretty yarn you chose!
    I have not read anything by Alice Hoffman and this book sounds like a good one to begin with. Happy Halloween!

  • Jane

    My sweater finishing takes quite a bit of time. I get impatient before I realize – all over again – that attention to detail pays off in a nice looking sweater. The pink swatch looks beautiful. I’ll be anxious to see how that cardigan pattern knits up. I’ve admired it. It will be great fun to hear Alice Hoffman speak. I haven’t read any of her work recently although I enjoyed some of her older novels.

  • karen

    love love love the new cardigan in the making, the yarn is so pretty!! I love to knit fingering weight cardigans, I tend to wear them the most, probably because I knit them the most, ha ha.

  • Honore´

    My poncho I knit was the same yarn as your Olive Leaf…it is a dream to knit! (And this from a “non-knitter!”) Good that you had “Manon” to put on a few more stitches! Looking forward to your review of AH’s new tome…