Just Life


Hello, friends … yes, I’m back home … and slowly adjusting to “real life” again! Coming back to a weekend helped a lot. Marc made sure there was plenty of salad and the weather gods finally sent us a breath of cooler air. I’ve enjoyed wearing different clothes (especially clean ones) and re-discovering a few of my favorite things.

This was my view Thursday evening … shortly before the Braves lost πŸ™ and also shortly before heading to my own bed and my own pillow πŸ™‚

Friday morning I walked to the lake. It’s as pretty as I remember. and the hour in my running shoes, out in the fresh air, on steady ground was wonderful.

Saturday’s highlight was an outing to Georgia Tech with my sister and our mom. This was the day the cooler temperatures arrived and it was lovely (and still about 15 degrees warmer than my mom and I were used to). The campus was full of activity for Family Weekend. Tech Tower was in fine form.

as was the band.

and my sister with our pre-game selfie.

(sadly, the Tech football team is “re-building” this year and the game was disappointing … also, I didn’t even want to ask our mom to pose for Another Photo!)

I spent most of yesterday (when I wasn’t watching the Braves and eating Sunday Night Snacks) doing church stuff. All good. and all really rewarding. but not very good for blogging.

This morning I was back at my desk … quiet time, plans for the week, a few cups of coffee, and a wonderful photo of my favorite almost-three-year-old grandson (that was him last October … the photo I shared in my last post was this September – what a difference a year makes, especially when it’s one-third of your life!)

Getting back to this space is certainly one of those “favorite things” and catching up with y’all is another. I look forward to checking in with you this week! Happy Monday!

P.S. I will definitely be sharing more about our wonderful “Canadian Autumn Adventure” in future posts, and if you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve already seen this little peek … but if not (or maybe if Instagram just didn’t put these posts into your feed) … here you go!