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First Signs of Fall.

I know some of y’all have been enjoying Fall for a few weeks … and my mom and I just spent two lovely weeks in Canada – it’s Fall there! But this new season has been slow to arrive here in Atlanta. until this weekend. The temperatures finally dropped below 90 degrees and we’ve even had low 60’s at night (yep, windows open and air conditioning off!)

So it’s been a few days and then this morning when I was out with Holly I noticed I was crunching through leaves. We’re not expecting much color since it’s been so dry, but there are a few bits of red mixed in with the brown.

It’s still probably a little early to be thinking about wearing wool. even a wool/silk blend. in a fingering weight. But I have reached sleeve island with Blaer (this is the project I took on my trip and on which I made surprisingly little progress!) I was thinking the stockinette sleeves would be perfect for post-season Braves play … but turns out I was a little late … sadly, their post-season play ended tonight and I’ve barely begun sleeve number one.

isn’t that lace detail pretty?

and last but by no means least, Spiced Apple Simple Syrup*. Stay tuned for a few cocktail inspirations.

Whoa, y’all … I did not at all intend for this post to be so late … but two things happened – first – I upgraded to the new WordPress Editor (I’m not even going to admit how long it took me to figure out how to add one photo to this post) and second – I updated Goodreads (gah!) and then it was time to watch the Braves … lose … and sadly our season is over. But all you Nationals fans??!!! LET’S DO THIS!!

*1 cup water, 1/2 cup sugar, a quarter of a tart apple sliced really thin, a shake of whole cloves, a shake of whole allspice, a stick of cinnamon and a handful of cardamom pods. Heat over medium high heat to dissolve the sugar then steep for 30 minutes. Strain the syrup (I did leave half of a cinnamon stick in for longer) into a jar and store in the refrigerator until you use it up.


  • Carole

    Our weather has been a mixed bag of fall and summer and now we’re in the grip of a rain soaked nor’easter. That sweater is beautiful, I love the lace details and the edging colors.

  • Sarah

    I’m sad the WP update didn’t come with smell-o-vision — I’ll bet that simple syrup smells fantastic!

    We are still waiting for full fall color here, but this week the dogwood in our backyard started shedding lots of leaves and the leaves on the lilac bushes in our driveway seriously started drying out.

  • Kat

    Oooo! That syrup looks rather yummy! (And, as for the WordPress update – hopefully you found the Classic Editor plugin which fixes all that nonsense!)

    I am so glad you are back!

  • Patty

    Oh my…I’m going to have to make that simple syrup. Can’t wait to see what you concoct! The sweater is lovely Mary! I’ll be dodging the nor’easter as I make my way through the streets of Boston tonight to see Carrie Underwood. It could be ugly! 🙂

  • Vera

    Welcome back! Sounds like you and your Mom had a wonderful time. We are just back from New England where we spent the last week. So nice to get away. Blaer is gorgeous – I bet you will not be on sleeve island for long. I am so happy it is Fall (finally)! I bet your kitchen smelled delicious with that apple syrup simmering.

  • Eileen

    Your sweater is gorgeous! I too am on sleeve island, why can they be so painful?
    Winter hit us yesterday, 80 in the afternoon, snow(all night and snowing again this early evening-28 deg. day time) and (13 tonight). Oh, and the wind, oye vey!
    True to Colorado weather it will be back to 60-70’s in a day! We have a saying here:”wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.”

  • Alexa

    That’s a wonderfully aromatic season syrup – some of my favourite things rolled into one. And your lacy pattern is indeed very delicate … Hoping you enjoy the Fall unfolding there. Here, it’s well underway and I have my fleece and socks on!