Canadian Autumn | The Movie.

Y’all might want to get a beverage and a snack! …and a jacket. or at least a windbreaker 😉

Late September and early October in Canada looks – and feels! – a lot different than it does here. but maybe not so much for where you live.

So that’s our trip … in a little under 2-1/2 minutes 🙂

As I was compiling this, and sorting through the hundred or so videos, I was reminded of a few of my favorite things about the trip. And since it’s Friday, I’ve narrowed the list to five:

  1. Cappucinos on demand. Oh man y’all. I’m sure part of my “re-entry fog” is attributable to quitting that habit cold turkey.
  2. Sweater weather. It was 90+ degrees in Atlanta when we left, while we were gone and when we got home. I loved the cooler temperatures. (maybe not so much the wind.) Especially when you have a limited wardrobe, not being hot is a big deal.
  3. So many churches. Honestly, I didn’t need to be reminded about this because when anyone asks me about the trip I immediately mention “churches” … but wow, there were more in the video than I even remember.
  4. French. Did you pick up the accents from our tour guides? Truly, Quebec is like a little bit of France close to home. and of course the little island of St. Pierre (Saturday, September 28) IS a little bit of France close to home.
  5. Traveling with my mom. Watching Jeopardy in Montreal. Playing Yahtzee before dinner. Cheers-ing for happy hours. Trying new things. Laughing when things go well … and when they don’t.

I usually put the video together after I’ve shared all the photos, but this time, it really helped to see the whole trip all together … and now I’m ready to dive into the details of the days. starting next week!

Wishing y’all a good weekend. and for sure at least a few of the best things that fall has to offer!


  • Kat

    What an amazing trip! So.Many.Churches! (I think this is a very good thing!!) I would absolutely love the opportunity to have such an amazing adventure!

  • Bonny

    Your video was a great way to give us a quick review of your trip, and I see what you mean about the churches and the wind! There were so many interesting things in the video that I wished for more than one second’s worth of many of them. I hope you enjoy a lovely fall weekend at home!

  • Jane

    I agree with Kat – many churches are a good thing. Looks like a great trip. Warm beautiful autumn weekend but the wind is blowing today. I walked in windy 50 degree weather with leaves swirling all around. I loved every minute. Time to get out the wool mittens and cowls.

  • Margene

    Sharing that trip with your mom must have been amazing. You’ll have so much to talk about from just this one trip! Thank you for sharing it with us. The video was an inspired way of doing that!