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Unraveled Wednesday | One Last Summer Sweater.

Hello friends and Happy Wednesday! I am delighted to be back here (fully in the Eastern Time Zone) sharing an update about what I’m making and reading. The making piece of this story has roots in Bristol and that makes me happy, too! The last Sunday I was there I checked Instagram with my morning tea and saw this post from Melissa (of Espace Tricot, my new-favorite LYS … sadly not all that L, but still). Of course morning tea time in Bristol is middle-of-the-night at home, but the internet is 24/7 and I promptly bought the pattern, found my size, and ordered the yarn. In the same colors that Melissa chose. The pattern is Joji’s latest sweater – Super Simple Summer Sweater.

I cast on last week. Here’s where I am as of right now. Super Simple for sure!

I was knitting at Starbucks over the weekend and the sweater saw this seasonal milestone.Yep, the first one! (In my defense, it was September 1st) Also, it was 95 degrees here this afternoon. Only in the comfort of my home (or Starbucks) would I be knitting, let alone wearing a worsted weight long-sleeved pullover. So … Summer might be pushing it. The yarn is a 50/50 wool/cotton blend. I could be wearing this for Fall/Winter/Spring here. I like to think, though, that Joji will be enjoying her sweater for Spring and Summer.

Meanwhile, I named my Ravelry project Copy Cat 😉

And now on to books – y’all – I am reading two right now – and they are both marked Currently Reading in Goodreads. #babysteps.

On my Kindle, I have Kingdom of the Blind, which I’m pretty sure anyone who reads my blog knows is the Gamache book that everyone read months ago and loved and the one that precedes the one that Louise Penny released yesterday. What can I say – I was waiting to read this one until the new one came out and and I love that I had that much self-control 😉

In my ears, I have Bruce Deel telling me the story of City of Refuge (Trust First). Between that sleeve and this book, I almost didn’t make it here today. Bruce’s story is powerful – there’s hope, redemption and surprisingly good writing. I’m also really enjoying his narration (note – if you have issues with a southern country accent, this isn’t the version you should pick up). I’ve ugly cried three times today. These stories are going to stick with me … and I am hoping I can find a meaningful path to contribute some of my time, talent, or treasure to this remarkable organization.

Linking up with Kat … and looking forward to checking in with y’all about the making and the reading!


  • Kat

    Welcome BACK!! 🙂 Your sweater (and Melissa’s) look awesome! And, you are just flying right along! It got well into the upper 80’s here today as well, but I will let you keep those mid 90’s numbers – thank you!

    Also, I immediately got on the wait list for Trust First – thank you for the recommendation!

  • Bonny

    Here’s hoping that fall and cooler temps arrive soon so you can wear your SSS Sweater soon! Congratulations on your Gamache restraint, and City of Refuge certainly sounds like it’s chock-full of hope! I’m also heading to Overdrive to put myself on the wait list. I could stand to listen to a good Southern accent and a book like this!

  • Juliann

    Oh my goodness! I am slowly making that sweater – might have it done for winter (wink, wink). Also trying to get the energy to write a blog post – one of these days

  • Sarah

    That sweater looks adorable on you! I think it’ll be perfect for a Southern fall and winter.

    You aren’t the last one to read that Gamache — I’ve still only read the first three! I want to get caught up but at the same time don’t because I don’t want to get to the point where I’ve read them all and have to wait for the next one.

  • Kym

    That sweater looks great on you, Mary, and will be such a great addition to your fall “line-up.” 🙂 I always know it’s truly fall . . . when you start posting your PSL photos. (I’m not a fan myself, but love your love of them.) I’m reading the newest Gamache right now. . . should finish up today. 🙂

  • Carole

    That is a great looking sweater – you can’t go wrong with navy and natural stripes! Dale is reading the new Three Pines book and I’ll be snagging it from him just as soon as he’s finished.

  • Vera

    Love that sweater Mary – looks great! I’ve been seeing *pumpkin everything* in the stores and just this morning cut out recipes from a magazine for pumpkin scones!! and pumpkin pancakes!! Trust First sounds like a very powerful book. I’m on the (very long) wait list on Overdrive for the latest Louise Penny book. Can’t wait to get back to Three Pines.

  • Margene

    Your sweater is going to be cozy! It would not be wearable in SLC this time of year. Today it’s still in the mid-90s! Ugh. PSL is not my favorite, either, but when I hear they’re available I know we’re heading for years end!

  • karen

    beautiful!!! I like the big striping. I might have to borrow the last two Penny books because I’ve been waiting for a ‘sale’ on kindle and there are none -boo. I love Louise Penny! Our weather has been perfect and I’m sitting wearing a light sweater in the house with the back door opened, it’s heavenly.

  • Jane

    The sweater is very chic in those colors and it looks fits so well. It looks great on you. Summer seems to be hanging on here too although this morning it was about 69 degrees when I walked. Latte weather for sure – although honestly I think any weather is latte weather.