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Unraveled Wednesday.

Hello friends. It’s been an unsettling day. I was expecting the emotion that always accompanies the anniversary of the September 11 attacks … even 18 years later it doesn’t get easier. We visited the memorial in New York in June and Marc shared some wonderful photos and thoughts on his (private) Instagram account. I especially enjoyed seeing Georgia Tech’s post; it makes me proud that the beautiful memorial has a connection to “our” school.

Then my mom and I showed up this at the food pantry this morning to pick up the boxes to deliver … and they weren’t there. Come to find out, the volunteer who will be covering our route in two weeks got mixed up – and picked up – and delivered – our boxes today. I’m sure the ladies didn’t mind!

There were also a few minor church things … and well … I’m really looking forward to relaxing with a few friends who are family this evening for Lydia’s belated birthday celebration. This year’s celebration will be a lot more low key than last year’s 🙂 … and for sure there will be knitting this time!

The sweater is finally looking like a sweater! Stay tuned for sleeves!

and be sure to check out Kat’s post for more unraveling news.


  • Kat

    I read or heard (sorry I can’t remember where I read or saw it) something recently from a Northern Ireland writer recently and that really hit me between the eyes about 9/11… we somehow feel like we are special for what happened, when most of the world has lived with their own horrors which are rarely noticed or observed. They were very right, of course – and when I think of that, it tempers the day for me and causes me to now think in broader terms about mans ongoing inhumanity to man.

    Your sweater is moving along nicely and I am quite certain it will be finished soon!!

    Happy belated birthday to Lydia and I hope you all have so much fun tonight!

  • Honore´

    I think your day – despite the little bits of unraveling – is turning out to be just fine! Enjoy tonight’s celebration and YES! IT is beginning to look like a sweater! Now, I’m off to share my unravel news…

  • Bonny

    I don’t think 9/11 is ever going to feel like a “normal” day, nor should it. I think I read the same article that Kat mentioned (I’ve searched for 20 min. and can’t find it) because John and I discussed it. Even in his business travels, John says that he quickly realized that terrorism is a much more prevalent issue in many countries. 9/11 was the deadliest but man’s inhumanity to man continues in Israel, South America, Ireland, and so many other places for so many reasons.

    I don’t have a good segue away from that, but your sweater is looking like a fine sweater!

  • Carole

    It’s a day that’s always going to be emotional for those of us who experienced it in real time. I also think that the divisiveness that is plaguing our country right now, along with nationalism, makes it particularly poignant to relive. I hope your time with family celebrating Lydia’s birthday alleviated your unsettled feelings and brought your joy.

  • Sarah

    I can’t believe it’s been 18 years — my memories of that day are still so clear, which is something considering that I sometimes can’t remember what I did two days ago. It’ll always be that way, I think, though it’s a bit strange that my daughter doesn’t fully understand what happened that day. I understand why, but it’s odd to think that such a huge event in our country happened before a generation was born.

    In happier things, the sweater is looking great and super cozy!

  • Patty

    That sweater is going to be pretty special I think! I always take some quiet time at my desk in the morning of 9/11 as that’s where I was sitting when it all unfolded. We certainly could stand to come together again as a country like we did back then. Happy Belated to Lydia!

  • Lydia

    I still remember exactly what I was going and it feels weird that it started as such an “ordinary” day that none of us knew would unfold like it did. The low key celebration was just the ticket [and very delicious!].

  • karen

    9/11 is too weird of a day for me, I remember exactly what I was doing and when and the days afterwards. So very sad. Your sweater is looking like a sweater!!