Just Life

Sometimes Mondays.

…are for getting back into old routines. I am happy to be joining Robin and The Balanced Life (along with Kat and Juliann) to get myself back into daily Pilates. Beginning today, Robin is re-running the 10 day Mind Body Pilates Challenge; the 15-minute workouts are perfect to fit into what’s looking like a full 10 days leading up to our trip. One day down and nine to go!

I also enjoyed getting together with my knitting group this afternoon. While I was there, I joined the third ball of yarn for Big Love and with luck, I’ll have something actually resembling a sweater to share with y’all on Wednesday. Because this latest photo, from yesterday evening, doesn’t look really look like one, does it?!

The week also includes church meetings, a haircut, a pantry delivery run and lunch with my mom – more good routines. I’m also looking forward to two birthday celebrations (while not so much figuring out and paying estimated taxes). It certainly helps to have some good, fun things to balance out the not-so-fun. I hope your week is offering up a balanced mix, too!

Happy Monday!


  • Patty

    Nice job on the pilates challenge! I think that sweater is going to be fabulous and I’m considering trying to get the or Felix done before my trip about 5 weeks away. I grabbed the Felix pattern! We’re headed to Maine for the weekend…there is car time ahead!

  • Jane

    The sweater looks intriguing even if it doesn’t yet seem like a sweater. Very pretty color and yarn. Best of luck with the pilates challenge. I think Autumn brings new energy. I hope your week is a good one.

  • Bonny

    Time to get back into old routines (just in time to break them again)! Hooray to all the good things, but boo to taxes. Dumb question here – does Marc take your pilates photo or are you using a mirror? (I’m spatially challenged when it comes to these things.)

  • Carole

    There is something very comforting about the return to routines. I expect you will maximize that since your routines will be disrupted again soon – by something very exciting!

  • Sarah

    Getting back to a routine is always comforting to me — the predictability really reduces my stress. So I’m glad you’ve got a routine to get you through the run-up to the next trip. The start of the sweater is enough to tell that it will be very cozy!

  • Kat

    Bravo for a reinvigorated routine! It did feel so good to get “back to the mat” yesterday and I love the small but challenging workouts! And 15 minutes is my sweet spot!

  • Vera

    It’s that time of year – back to school or routines, or whatever! Your sweater looks really interesting – looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  • karen

    I thrive on a routine and going to the gym helps me keep that routine going. I don’t know what I would do without the strength I’ve gained at the gym. I’m more fit now than when I was younger 🙂

  • Honoré

    Welcome back and to routines! So far, the first two days of this week have been everything but routine…albeit, both, reconnecting with friends and resumption of several gatherings…more on my blog IF I get it written, today! Wed!

    Look fwd to seeing the “real” sweater.