Unraveled Wednesday | Re-entry.

Hello friends! I’ve got stories to share about Bristol and I will. soon (promise) … but today I’m feeling a bit unraveled as I re-enter “real life”. Thank goodness I don’t have to go to work – just catching up on two weeks of mail, laundry, bills, etc. My head is still a little fuzzy from the flight home and the five hour time change. Yep, I was wide awake at 2 am 🙂

Holly was certainly well attended while I was gone … but I know we both missed each other’s company. especially our side-by-side knitting time.

Thanks to some dedicated chair time this afternoon, I’ve started the second sleeve on Slanted Sleeven (which yikes I have yet to even record on Ravelry, let alone mention here. soon. promise!)

Happy to be back with Kat and friends today … and I look forward to catching up with all of you. soon!


  • Honore´

    You’re Back! You’ve been missed and we’re all eager to hear about your trip and Sara! Sure that Holly’s more than delighted – I can see it in her eyes!
    Welcome Home!

  • Jane

    Welcome home. It is nice to travel and even nicer to come home safe and sound. Rest a bit before getting back into the real world routine.

  • Louisa Robinson


    Glad you had a good time in Bristol; you are a wonderful mother!

    I love that blue and the pattern.

    What yarn are you using and how much yarn would I need if I knit a 38 or L? The ravelry pattern doesn’t say?


  • Sarah

    Welcome home! You are lucky that you don’t have to worry about dealing with the jet lag while going back to work. I hope you can get back on EDT soon so you can get back to your normal schedule.

  • Vera

    Welcome Home Mary! You were missed and it will be good to hear of all your adventures. I’m sure Holly (and Marc) were happy to see you. Hope your clock is re-set soon. Take it easy and let re-entry be gentle.