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Three on Thursday | Right Now.

Hello friends and Happy Thursday. I’m delighted to be joining in with Carole and crew today to celebrate Friday Eve 😉  Missing my Wednesday post gave me room for this one and I’m reminded how much fun it can be to switch things up!

Things are feeling a little bit crazy in my world right now. Good crazy. but still. I leave for Bristol on Monday. My to-do list is full of things for women’s ministry (which – thanks to no blog post yesterday and very little knitting are now DONE!), getting stuff ready for Sara (nearly done – still need to order the air mattress*) and traveling myself (British pounds, cell phone plan – and NO I HAVEN’T PACKED YET**)

So – I’m sitting here on Thursday evening, looking back at the couple of photos I took today … and I think it’s fun to capture Right Now – especially because I have three photos.

My neighbor’s first grandchild – a little girl – was born last week. I knew it was a girl and I’d ordered the pink yarn months ago. But I didn’t start the dress until the baby was imminent. It’s a quick knit and I sewed the button on this morning. Standing in line at the post office felt like the longest part of the whole thing.

The weather forecast for Bristol is posing challenges for my brain – and my packing. Those Highs are lows for where I live right now (on a “good” day) and those lows. and that rain … well… I think it’s a very good thing I haven’t packed yet because I’d be taking out summery things and putting in fall things.

and yep – thinking I might just need to finish the Bon Voyage wrap I’d planned for “fall”

so I can take it with me. Note that I also took that weather forecast into account when I chose OPI’s Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ for today’s pedicure.

I must admit – I don’t hate embracing fall right now. I just wish I’d had the whole month of August to get ready!

Are you an Early Packer? or a Last Minute one (like me)?

*my mom asked about the air mattress and suggested maybe we really should consider a “blow up bed”. I told her that’s what an air mattress is. and she said an air mattress was the thin little thing we blew up with our own lungs to go under our sleeping bag in the tent. (yeah, I hate camping.) ok, it’s really a blow up bed. queen size. with freshly laundered sheets and new pillows.

**seriously y’all – TWO people asked me on Monday if I’d packed. I couldn’t even relate to the question. Of course I hadn’t packed. I wasn’t leaving for another WEEK! for one thing, I don’t have enough underwear to pack that far in advance. and for another thing … geez…


  • Kat

    I am a “I am leaving tomorrow, I better get packing” packer. Because… weather, underwear, pjs, bras, etc (I don’t have an endless supply either!) And, I think that weather looks PERFECT! (for moving, unpacking, walking, etc.) As I remember not much of England has central air – so you will be happy with that weather too, I think.

    Darling dress… those OPI names… and knit faster! XO

  • Jane

    Oh I pack the day before a trip because I don’t have enough of everything to pack it a week in advance and I know I’d just be putting clothing in the suitcase and taking it out, in and out, in and out. And weather forecasts can change. The little dress is very sweet. Keep on knitting – maybe . . .

  • Sarah

    I am definitely a last-minute packer. I have favorite items of clothing, and usually they need to be washed before I can pack them because I’ve been wearing them! Plus I think the last-minute pressure helps me to make decisions that I’d dither over if I packed earlier.

    That little dress is so precious! How I wish I had a baby girl to knit for!

  • Bonny

    I’m with the other day-before-leaving packers. I start thinking about what knitting and reading to take along about a week ahead of time, but actually putting clothes in the suitcase happens in a focused 15 minutes the day before. The weather looks perfect to me also; maybe a little damp, but that’s the UK.

    I’ll admit I was thinking along the same lines as your mother with the air mattress. I was picturing something from an Army-Navy store, and that is NOT you! Now it makes sense! Safe travels, I hope the move goes smoothly, and you and Sara have a wonderful time!

  • Honore´

    I was so surprised to see that you were leaving next week…had it in my mind, circa the 15th! Knowing you, everything will be (is) under control and the choice of color for the toes is just right! The baby dress is adorable!

  • karen

    I pack then repack then repack again. I make a list a week or two before packing so I do not forget anything. I pack with layering in mind so I am ready for any kind of weather. the dress is super adorable!!

  • Patty

    I spend a few days “packing in my head” and then throw it in the bag the night before! You’re going to have a wonderful adventure! (And I just slept on a blow up bed a week ago and had a fabulous nights sleep!)

  • Juliann

    I never pack early because then I tend to rethink and repack. I am usually finishing packing just before I head to the airport. Have a great time.

  • Vera

    LOL – I agree with Margene!!

    For work trips I often pack at midnight before catching an 8 a.m. flight. For vacations I tend to pack a day or two before, but I do make lists – especially since we tend to travel Spring & Fall – any weather is possible.

    Love that sweet little knit dress – just darling.

    Have a FABULOUS time!

  • Debbie

    I pack the day before a trip, but I do make a list ahead of time so that when I pack I just check things off of the list and it goes quickly. I hope you have a nice time!
    That dress is adorable!

  • Vicki

    I start by making a packing list and a general idea of how many of each thing I’ll need. I make sure the “must have” clothing items are freshly laundered and possibly set aside (not packed!). I begin to put stuff on or around my suitcase a day or two prior, maybe start to fill the packing cubes, but I don’t actually pack until it’s time to go. When it’s zipped up, it’s time to go! For me, early packing usually means overthinking and overpacking. I still end up stuffing an extra ultimately unneeded shirt or something into my suitcase (because there’s ROOM). I always work better under pressure or with a deadline and this is no different.

  • Lydia

    Love the little dress! I’ve packed in my head-that counts right?! The weather for BC is all over the place right now so my packing won’t begin until Tuesday after all the laundry is done.

  • Louisa Robinson


    That dress is adorable! What was the name of the pattern?

    Have a wonderful time in Bristol-you now have a great excuse to travel to the British Isles frequently and explore all of their wonderful yarns-Shetland Island etc.

    Love your posts,


  • Carole

    Oh, that dress! Now I really want someone to have a baby girl! As for packing, I has a list app on my phone that I use and I start checking off items I need to remember on that about a week before. I generally pack early on the day before but I’ve been packing in my head for days! That weather may not be ideal vacation weather but it’s probably going to be great for setting up a new flat.