Three on Thursday | Book Bingo!

Yesterday afternoon I finished Dani Shapiro’s delightful collection of essays on writing … and covered my Bingo card. I then spent the next two plus hours updating everything I’d read since early July on Goodreads (you can see all the details on my 2019 Summer Book Bingo shelf here) and that used up the time I’d allotted for a blog post. It was probably just as good I didn’t get to share this update yesterday, because I’ve had time to compile a few statistics:

25 books
11 paperback/hardback, 7 Kindle, 7 audio
18 borrowed, 5 bought, 2 owned already
12 fiction, 9 non-fiction, 4 memoir
14 4★, 6 5★, 4 3★ 1 2★

I haven’t compared these stats to my overall reading for 2019, but it feels like I’m reading more overall and probably more non-fiction, and for sure enjoying what I’m reading a lot more.

…and now it’s Thursday, and I have Three Things (bonus that it’s always fun to join in with Carole and crew):

Thing One. Having a plan isn’t important. I read organically, choosing books as they came along, or arrived after a long hold wait at the library. Some of the books I read this summer didn’t fit on my card and it was ok.

Thing Two. All of my favorites were non-fiction/memoir. I’m still searching for that 5-star fiction book this year.

Thing Three. I’ve re-discovered my love of holding a book. especially a book I own and can mark up to my heart’s content (I’ve recently purchased a wax highlighter and I love it. immensely) Holding a book forces me to slow down and focus completely on the reading (ok, maybe with a little snack, but only finger food).

…and a fourth: Goodreads is really clunky for keeping up with my reading. I started (thank you Bonny for the suggestion!) keeping noes on index cards and it’s working quite well. Also, flipping through that pile of cards, each one a 4×6 record of time I spent with a book, makes me happy!

According to my official 2019 Book Bingo rules, you have until midnight on Monday, September 2 to finish your books. That’s more than four whole days … and plenty of time to start and finish or simply finish one or maybe two last books. Summer reading should be fun and I’m wishing all of you a great last hurrah! #2019SummerBookBingo


  • Bonny

    Hurrah for your cover-all and even more so for enjoyable summer reading and updating on goodreads! I just finished Inheritance, and based on your recommendation, I think I will put Still Writing on hold at the library. I’m always looking for five-star fiction and have read at least two this year (Inland and a re-read of The Children Act), but like you, I’m also finding plenty of reading fulfillment in non-fiction. Highlighting a real book sounds wonderful, and far more fun than highlighting on a Kindle!

  • Kat

    I am doing the happy dance for your cover all! Well done! I truly love how reading just is simply the best thing ever, every day in ones life. To those who don’t read… my heart is sore for you, and truly, I just don’t get you!

    Now, I am off to see Goodreads and build up my fall/winter reading queue!

  • Honore´

    Hooray for your coverall and for reading more non-fiction! Loved seeing Dani Shapiro’s Still Writing in your pic; one of my fave books on writing. I don’t track my reading and I’m basically a non-fic reader but I’m making a conscientious effort to read more fiction, again – at least one title a month… some I do, some I don’t!
    Read on &

  • Sarah

    Three cheers for a cover-all! I love seeing the variety of books everyone is reading, and I find your reflection very interesting. Over the past year or so, though I always claimed to be a physical book snob (for lack of a better word), I’ve overwhelmingly been reading ebooks. I think it’s become easier for me to actually get reading done that way because when work is slow, I can read on the computer. There have been several days when I’ve read a whole book in the time I’ve been at the office! But I still, like you, love the feel of a book in my hands.

  • Kym

    I think taking notes as I read (sometimes a lot of notes; sometimes hardly any; just depends) really enhances my whole reading experience. (I keep a little notebook for my notes; kind of index card sized but “gathered”). I also highlight if I own the book . . . if it’s from the library? Well, I keep post-it flags on my bookmark, and then I mark passages with them as I read.

    Anyway, so glad you had such a great summer of reading! 🙂

  • Vera

    YAY for your cover-all! And YAY for pleasurable reading. I’ve also been enjoying reading *real* books as opposed to books on my Kindle. The Kindle is great for traveling, and it makes borrowing books from the library very easy, but nothing replaces the feel of a book in your hands and flipping back and forth through the pages is so much easier with a book!

    Enjoy your long holiday weekend!

  • Patty

    Congratulations Mary! I’ve been holding my books lately as well and find I actually get more reading done than on the kindle. (Maybe because it’s on my ipad and I can easily just “go someplace else” and be distracted!) I think The Heart’s Invisible Furies will be my 5 star fiction for the year…though it could still get toppled! 🙂

  • debbie

    Congratulations on your coverall!!! I thought about reading Inheritance a few weeks ago and didn’t think it would hold my interest at the time, but after reading your review I think I’ll give it a try. I use a notebook to write favorite quotes or to jot down thoughts about the books I read and I use book darts to mark passages in library books. My least favorite thing about the kindle highlighter is that after I’ve finished a book, if I go back to look at highlighted passages, it thinks I’m reading it a 2nd time & marks it as unfinished in my kindle library.
    I hope this fall brings many great books your way!

  • Lydia

    Curious about the wax highlighter, I was near Blick art supplies yesterday and had to restrain myself from going in and buying ALL the colored pencils! My reading took a back seat to my binge watching of Longmire-on the last season and not sure I’m going to like how all this plays out. Happy Friday.

  • karen

    love the index idea however, goodreads works for me for now. I like quickly looking to see what I own or what I want while in a bookshop. I do not however use goodreads for note taking or comments. I am with you with loving a real book instead of ebook. I love my kindle on the treadmill though 🙂

  • Jane

    Like you I own a Kindle and occasionally read from it but prefer a real book. Congratulations on such a good summer reading. I take notes in a small paperback journal – about the size of a 4 x 6 card. I also keep a list in the journal of books read. Happy Labor Day weekend.

  • Carole

    Hooray for a coverall for you and hooray for summer reading! I love that my Bingo card pushes me to read books I’ve had in my queue for a long time because they fit a particular square. As for GoodReads, I find it to be a terrific way to track my reading and I love that I can highlight passages of books on my Kindle and those highlights show up on GoodReads. I’d like to know more about why you find it clunky if you want to share more about that.

  • Margene

    I find it a personal flaw that I don’t like to write reviews, but one I’m not willing to rectify. 🙂 Stars are enough of a review for Goodreads. Even though I wasn’t really playing book Bingo I was able to get two Bingos with books I had on my immediate list. I didn’t read anything I didn’t want to or hadn’t planned. It wasn’t a great summer for new books, imo.