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TGIF | Hello August.

this morning’s quiet time

Hello August! I do love a month with five Fridays – especially because I will likely miss a TGIF post for two of them while I’m in England. Honestly, I’m having trouble thinking beyond my trip right now – and I do love playing around with words – so this post is all about what I’m welcoming for that experience:

Two of us. I thought for sure I’d written a post about what an awesome travel partner Sara is, but I can’t find it, so maybe I didn’t. In any event, we started traveling together – two of us – in 2006 (Sara was in middle school) and since then, we’ve been to Florida, the Georgia Coast, Chicago, New York City, Paris, Florence and Madison. I think we make really good travel mates. We both need our alone/quiet time, enjoy (a lot of) the same TV and movies, love the challenge of the NYT crossword puzzle, like the same food (and for the past few years wine), shower on opposite ends of the day, sleep “straight” (this is really key for sharing a bed!), and don’t have any problem going off to do our own thing if we need to. This is the third time we’re making a trip together where she’s ending up with a new address and I’m flying back to Atlanta, grateful for being able to picture her settled in her new place. This time, I also want be especially mindful of celebrating the two of us time while we’re there. together.

Grace. When I lived with this word back in 2013, I learned about forgiving myself and others, letting things go, listening and making pearls my signature thing. YES to all of this!

Imagination. I’m pretty sure the key to making an empty apartment into a home in just two weeks is all about imagination … and the internet 😉 but I’m not planning to have the latter on an unlimited basis so I’m going to have to rely on the former.

Fun. Goes without saying, right? (note that flexibility was a close runner-up, but I decided Grace and Fun probably encompassed that vibe … and combined with Imagination, captured more of what I was going for.)

With luck, I’ll be able to share a few updates on Instagram, but for sure, I will not be posting here again until after I’m back.

I sincerely appreciate all your support and good wishes!

xo – M.




  • Honore´

    This is a great “I’m on my way to England with Sara” post … my wish for you both: Have a super duper time in this phase of Sara’s life adventure. Safe travels and Fun! Fun! Fun! Will look forward to your IG posts.
    PS. Will miss ya!

  • Bonny

    Safe travels to both of you and many good wishes! (I wonder if Sara will be driving while she’s in the UK? I sort of hope not; John found it to be terrifying hurtling along on the wrong side of the road with the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car!)

  • Sarah

    You have a great attitude toward this trip (as much as I love visiting other places, the traveling there always stresses me out!), so I have no doubt this trip will be a great success. I wish you safe travels, and I’ll be following your adventures with envy on IG!

  • Vicki

    Have a marvelous trip!! I’m so excited for you both. (I feel the same way about Kate + me as travel partners, and it’s so great!!)