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Late August Weekending.

When Sara and I FaceTimed yesterday, she told me how nice it was to have a quiet weekend; this was her first weekend since mid-May that wasn’t full of travel, work, entertaining, moving, or settling in. It has been a very full season for her. not so much for me. but still. I did enjoy my quiet weekend, too. Here are few glimpses into what that looked like.

Friday night snacks – prepared by me. Saturday night’s dinner – now that we’re back to College Football Season – looked much the same, except that it was prepared by Marc. Picture fewer grapes and cucumber and more sausage and you’ve got it.

Saturday morning yoga at at the park.

Hints of fall? can you see the hints of red on the tips of those maple leaves? I noticed even more red on the leaves today. drought? cooler temperatures?  … or is fall really coming?

Walks with Holly.

FaceTimes with Sam.

…and lots and lots of knitting. in the chair, with Holly by my side.The knitting is my Bon Voyage and as of this afternoon’s knitting, I am now working the final cable repeat. FO coming soon!

I also read a lot and am now just one book away from a Summer Bingo coverall. Turns out NOT having summer reading plans paid off pretty well for me.

School started here two weeks ago and school buses, along with much darker mornings (sunrise is now after 7am), are a sure sign that fall is coming. What signs of fall are you seeing?


  • Honore´

    Lovely photos and enjoyed reading about Sara’s gettin’ settled. For sure, I’m seeing major signs of Fall…and I.Am.So.Glad! Sam is g-r-o-w-in-g! So cute. Charlie started school,already!?


  • Dee

    The staghorn sumac is already turning red. The sun sets a little earlier giving a beautiful glow to our living room in the late afternoon.

    Up in Easton (about 30 min. north of us), the trees along the ridge were beginning to show a bit of color. My Japanese maple is changing color as well.

  • Sarah

    I’ve definitely noticed the darker mornings (they’ve sadly coincided with an earlier wake-up time, now that camp is over), and this weekend it was decidedly chilly out in the mornings and evenings! My daughter goes back to school today. I am sorry about the diminishing amount of daylight, but I’m also happy to be moving toward cooler weather.

  • Vera

    I’m loving the more fall-like temps we’ve had through the weekend and today (I think it gets warm again tomorrow). The light is steadily changing and I love it! Fall is my favorite season and I’m more than ready – lol.

    Glad to hear Sara had a quiet weekend – sounds like that girl is ALWAYS on the go! A nice, peaceful weekend can be so restorative.

    Yoga in the park looks like fun.

  • Carole

    Last night we had to turn on the deck heaters when we sat outside and it was only 49° when I got up this morning! Those feel more like signs of winter, though, LOL. I hope you’re adjusting okay to Sara being far away. Sending you lots of mama love.

  • Bonny

    It’s been a bit cooler here with later sunrises and much earlier sunsets, and the garden is definitely winding down (thank goodness)! It looks like Holly is looking at you with gratitude, and thinking that she is glad to have you back where you belong!

  • Vicki

    Glad to hear that Sara had a quiet and relaxing weekend! It’s so great that you can chat face-to-face. It wasn’t that long ago when Kate was in London for her semester abroad and it was just so “clunky” to communicate. Yay, technology!

    Darker mornings, for sure! I’ve noticed very few changes in the leaves, so far (I really haven’t been looking too hard), but they’re definitely… past prime. My mother always loved the fresh, new leaves of spring and, every year, would pine for them to stay that way. Football practice. School starts here next week and I’m bracing for the changes that means for my commute (it’s SO much more relaxing in summer).

  • Kat

    Your snacks look so delicious! And, yay for football time, which is a sure sign of fall! I can’t wait to see your Bon Voyage – I bet you will get some good use out of it this fall!

  • Patty

    We had the deck heater and fireplace blazing on Sunday afternoon also! Cozy but sad. It was 41 this morning so fall is creeping in for certain! Glad to hear Sara is settling in nicely. 🙂

  • Margene

    Your weekend (and Sara’s) sound wonderful. I love your snack dinners and wish I could get Smith more on board with it. We just need to plan a little better. The lace maple in my front garden has a branch of red leaves (it’s a green variety) and the loss of morning light is very telling (since I’m a morning person). I miss the sun at the end of the day, too. I am enjoying what daylight there is and not thinking of future weather.

  • karen

    our acorns are dropping and some leaves as well. I am so happy that we are in the 70’s (for now). I am motivated to knit all the knits!!